Monday 21 May 2012

Just a thought

I thought perhaps you might like to see the shawl I have made for Evie's christening .
It took me a week of every spare minute during the day and every evening . I ended up with a very stiff muscle in my arm but a minor detail soon sorted .

It took just a little more than 400 grms of baby 4 ply . No pattern just keep going round . I shall wash it and block it .


Chris H said...

It is gorgeous!

Aunty Bee said...

It looks so light and soft, what a wonderful present.

Caz said...

Lovely shawl. I would like to make one,, not enough patience!! My Mum knitted a shawl for each first born grandchildren. I was going to give my first borns shawl to his first born,, but I couldn't. I am keeping it for myself. Is is nearly 30 years old!

cottonreel said...

Crochet is about the most simplist of all the crafts .
You can let your mind wander , put it down in the middle of a row .
It's different if you are making doilies

alliepallie said...

its beautiful kathkleen, russel and stacey will be so pleased. xx

Roberta said...

This is such a beautiful gift and heirloom for the lucky baby! xo