Sunday 30 December 2012

Early welcome o 2013

This brave little rosebud that will never fully open is New Dawn . I hope it will bring good tidings . Reforms and hope for the things that need change to make a safer and better world .
Today and tomorrow I shall be emptying my files that contain last years receipts and statements so I can start with a new file for the coming year .
Last week I disposed of old patchwork patterns that I had hoarded  . I'm trying hard for a clean sweep . I love a new year .

Wednesday 26 December 2012

It was a lovely christmas day

See the top shelf of my kitchen dresser , a row of sweets and chocolate I received with my presents . My own little sweetie shop .

I made this cushion at least 20 yrs,. ago . It still comes out every christmas . It depicts the lovely christmas cacti . This must be my first year without one of these plants . I had one for many years , it was always loaded with flowers . Last year I put it out in the rain to give the bracts a good wash , it didn't like it and showed it's disdain by rotting and dying . Ah ! well . another will come along .
It has been a glorious morning , sunny and blue sky . It is now clouding over . I sat in my conservatory enjoying the sunshine but I will now prepare my lunch . Chicken , roast potatoes ,broccoli . Just found I have no parsnips , . I shall follow with christmas pudding that bluebell made for me .Then I shall get the fabric out .

Monday 24 December 2012

At last

I wonder if Santa will have time to linger awhile ?

The tree in my sitting room . I stayed with blue again this year

The latest christmas wall hanging . Hard work , It was snaffled by a family member now I have to start all over again . I want the same one for myself . When I was making it I remarked to bluebell " I shall never make another one of these" now I have to eat my words and start again .

I made this one about three years ago but it is very nice . I'm very possessive of this one .

Welcome . Happy christmas .

Sunday 16 December 2012

Not Today

Sunday ! the day of rest ! not today .  It took most of today putting up 2 christmas trees and clearing the packaging they were stored in . I still have the tree to put up in the conservatory . That will most likely have to wait until Wednesday .
It has been a good day weatherwise but has started to rain in the last few minutes .
These 2 christmas quilts could be used but they need more quilting . They will have to be done some other time . I'm all pooped out .

Friday 14 December 2012

Best laid plans and all that

Today I planned to go shopping . No go .  It's pouring of rain so no point in that . By the time I had reached the bus stop I would be rather wet and bedraggled . I'm no good with an umbrella if shopping . There is always tomorrow . Perhaps .
Although the frost has gone it is still cold .This wallhanging I made a very long time ago but I still enjoy looking at it .

Thursday 13 December 2012

Little Stuff

Now all the big stuff for christmas is out of the way I can get on with the little bits that I love doing .. I belong to a postcard swap . This white one with the house is for my own personal collection . I like making things witout a pattern , just picking bits of fabric out of my scraps to make a picture . It has to be edged yet before it's finished.
It's a dreadfully cold day , minus 1 so I plan to play with my scrap box this afternon .

This crazy patchwork postcard is for the swap . It will be going to Malaga , Spain when I pluck up courage to venture out in the frost and fog .

These are 2 mug rugs from bits , nothing special beause in two weeks time they will go into the rag bag .
Where I live there doesn't seem to be any christmas spirit yet . I have not seen lights outside the houses .  I'll keep looking . Perhaps it the double dip recession biting .

Tuesday 11 December 2012

I'm in the good position where my christmas projects are complete . It's lovely to think I can sit and read at night .
I feel a need to slow down on the patchwork . I bought a felting kit at Malvern , I want to play with that . I want to machine my pictures using tiny scraps that really are only fit or small enough to throw in the bin . I know I shall always return to patchwork but I need a break . I shall look at the t,v instead of just listen .
I love reading blogs and seeing the amazing stuff that is created . I look at pinterest .
Today I put up my red gingham kitchen curtains so now christmas is coming into my home .
Ah! life without pressure is sweet .