Friday 30 November 2012

Ahhh! sweet completion

My crochet blankets for chrismas presents are now complete . The ends are sewn in . I love them . Perhaps I should not saythis about my own work but I believe yu should not giveanything away unless you would eally like to keep it for yourself .
I still have a red and white one that I am crocheting to compliment the christmas stuff I am doing for myself but ,no hurry .
This weekend I am just going to read and mooch . I'm sure to look at blogs , and Pinterest. Nice to see what other people are up to .
Bye for now , off for a cuppa ,

Wednesday 28 November 2012

My christmas extras

I have made 5 crochet blankets to put in my family's christmas gifts . I have 3 more to show you before the weekend . I just have to weave some ends in .
They could be on the bed as a little extra tootsie warmer but I have made them to snuggle into when curled up on the sofa to use as a lap quilt .

This is my red christmas quilt for myself . I'm hand quilting it , I want it to be soft . I think you get that effect with hand quilting . I really do like the structured feel of machine quilting and I like doing it . I shall most likely do machine quilting on the border for extra strength .
It's very cold today but I'm not complaining, at least there are no floods in the area I live .

Wednesday 21 November 2012

A quilt for a very special boy

I said earlier in the week I would show this quilt . Finished today . I am very pleased with how it has turned out .
All the material on the front is from my stash . The centre is a cushion panel bought at Malvern about 6 yrs,. ago . All the other bits are from my bit boxes .
 I bordered the panel with strips , then I used 41/2 inch sqs,. then another strip . I then made 61/2 inch crazy sqs and finally the grassy fabric for the final border .
 The cushion panel
 The crazy sqs,. and the grassy fabric
 The backing is dark brown fleece , no batting or wadding .
Among the  sqs,. are pictures of animals .
I have really enjoyed making this quilt . It was a joy to make . I have only spent £6 on the fleece . The quilt is approx  54 inches sq . I am now itching to make a pink one for a little girl .

Bye , I'm off to have my lunch .

Sunday 18 November 2012

Jelly Roll Quilt

Winter is setting in . We are in countdown to christmas . Soon be time to get the trees from the loft and dress them . My trees are the pretend trees but they do look pretty when they are trimmed .
 I have been catching up with my quilting and patchwork . This quilt is made from a jelly roll by Freedom fabrics . Under £20 from the fabric guild .
 Such delicate colours .
It is machine quilted , the binding is sewn down half way round . Two more hours at most and anoyher quilt finished .
I have been working on a quilt for a next years pressy. I hope to show you that later in the week . I say next year because I do like to keep my quilts awhile before passing them on .

Tuesday 6 November 2012

My christmas quilt

It seems I have loaded my pics,. in reverse order but never mind .
At the malvern show , do you recall I bought fabrications magazine for Dec ,. 2011 because I wanted to make this quilt .
If you start at the bottom of this blog I have a pic ,. of the magazine and fabrics I purchased .
The sponge cake I made as an energy booster to keep me going . I'm not always successful at sponges but this one turned out fine , filled with my home made strawberry jam and buttercream . I used 3 eggs , weighed they came to 8 ozs so I used flour ,butter and suger to match . Ah! sweet success .
I have put pictures of my quilt in various stages . On my bed it is being sorted into the best way using the blocks . They are not joined at this stage .
On the quilt rail the top is completed . It now needs batting and backing . I would have liked to complete it on my frame to be machine quilted but I think it is too big . . I still want to machine quilt it but it will have to be the Juki machine on the kitchen table and steady as I go .
I am very pleased with it up to now , it went together like a dream .
This afternoon bluebell rang, shall we go to Bramble Patch tomorrow ? o,k sez I .
Put the purse in the cellar and button down the hatch !!!!!!