Friday 29 June 2012

I've had my son staying fo three days . He came to put my fish pond right . Big job but bless him he sorted it and now all is well again , fish happy , swmming around and looking busy again . They come to the side at 9 in the morning for breakfast and 5 in the evening for their second feeding . They are quite tame and friendly again.

I planted my runner beans yesterday or I should say
Peter  did . If they had been planted earlier they would not have been any good with all the rain . one of my garden seats have had a coat of paint ready for when the sun does decide to shine . The Patio has been jet washed and 12 bags of chipped bark spread around , I'm hoping to supress the weeds . They grow overnight with all the wet weather .

This year I have no crab apples on my 2 trees so no crab apple jelly this year . Both trees were loaded with blossom so I don't know what went awry there . The starlings stripped my pear tree for the second year running so no pears either . There definately isn't many Bramley apples  .

My sewing, knitting and crochet have been on the back burner this week due to a painful shoulder . The doctor said it will probably have to be a steroid injection . Mmm!!  I hope not .

I've joined Pinterest , all I have to do now is find out how to upload pictures on and pin pictures from other sites . There are some very interesting quilts on there

Sunday 24 June 2012

Best to watch he videos after looking at the whole blog


This murky pic,. was taken about a minute ago but it's glorious again now for two minutes , but I digress .

Visit the site   this lady writes beautifully illustrated cookery books with watercolour pictures . She is American and on holiday in the Cotswolds .She is showing a wealth of photos of the area and the places she is visiting . There is no doubt in my mind you will enjoy .

Saturday 23 June 2012

New is the morning

I think everyone must knw by now that the U.k is rain washed .
Each morningI mutter to myself thank goodness I do not live in a flood area .I really feel for these people . Anything ground level is lost and looking around, all the basics of everyday living are here . Lifetime treasures and things perhaps obtained recently.

The rain absolutely hammered down last night but sitting having my cuppa this morning in my conservatory the sun shone briefly giving the garden a beautiful glow . Leaves glistened and I likened my garden to a painting by Monet but the sunshine had quickly been blocked out by clouds, but a good start to the day anyway .

Happiness means flowers

This rose bush cost £1. 75 last autumn from a garden centre . I bought several at that price and they have all flowered . It is facing my kitchen window .
The next picture is flowers picked here and there in my garden . they don't last long in the house but I love colour and a little snip here and there isn't noticed .

I did intend to sew all day today but my plans changed a little . I cleaned the windows and the tops of the kitchen cupboards but I'm all set now for stitching

Friday 22 June 2012

This weekend I will not be answering the phone (unless I recognise the number) I intend to sit and sew . I seem to get distracted and then I get nothing done .
If the weather doesn't soon change I shall give up on the garden . The weeds are now growing fast and furious , I refuse to weed when it's raining . This isn't my only problem ,!!  the rain is overflowing the fish pond and submerging the pump . Woe is me .

Saturday 16 June 2012


I have just posted a detailed blog with three photo's . Only part of it has showed up . perhaps I can blame it on the weather . I will redo the quilt and knitting article again tomorrow . Why does this happen ?

happiness is a ROSE

I planted this rose last Autum . It is a climber called Pilgrims Choice . It is the prettiest lemon yellow , it has a delicate perfume . I don't usually cut my garden flowers but we are having such a lot of rain and strong winds I wanted the blooms indoors . Why let them be battered and broken outside . It isn't fit to walk in the garden . I think this will be one of my favourites .

I have been ask to be involved in two charity projects this month . The magazine article I am showing is not one of them but kind of related . The article I am showing is from Australian Patchwork &Quilting Jan,. 2006 . asking for quilts for orphaned children  . The project I have been asked to support is thus . A ship calls at African villages and performs operations on children

Thursday 14 June 2012

Jamming Session

Two pots of strawberry jam made ready for the scones and morning toast . I don't mind a bit of froth on the top  . It isn't going to be judged at a show . It's still delicious .

This is a corner of my garden to sit and contimplate the order of the day and smell the flowers .

And this is another block finished to the quilt I am working on at present . Still about five blocks to do but it is easy and so pleasurable to sew .
We have been blessed with a few hours sunshine today but now in the evening we have rain and high winds  . worse is forcast for tomorrow .

Saturday 9 June 2012


As well as showing my latest quilt project I'm showing you an article in yesterdays Daily Mail .A widow spider in a bag of prepared salad!!!!!! How awful
Bluebell and myself called at Sainsburys on Thursday . We did a little browsing . A little shopping and then went into the cafe . We had Latte and a very delicious cheese scone . We were very impressed by the  nice cafe , several newspapers to look at if you wanted , constant clearing of the tables.We usually shop at Asda .The Asda we go to on Fosse park leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to being tidy . The fridges most times have paper towels on the floor in front of them ,wet through due to leakage .The fish counter smells to high heaven and the deli meat counter has cheap nasty cooked meat .  You have to be very selective what you shop for there.

Now to my quilt . I bought the book at the Malvern quilt show . All applique quilts , so pretty . I like doing hand stitching .

I found another blog today that I was quite taken with  it is showing a tutorial for using charm squ,s with crochet around the sides.I shall certainly have one of those on the go . I'm not short of charm sq,s take a peek , you might like it too .

Peace andTranquility

If like me you like to look at a blog that isn't about making stuff but has beautiful pictures please look at I'm not sure if these instructions will take you directly but it's easy enough to put into your google bar .
Soothing Irish music too . With a name like Maura there just has to be an Irish connection somewhere

Thursday 7 June 2012


I try to start my day in a calm and semi sleepy way ,sitting in the conservatory with my first cuppa of the day .I.m a very early riser this time of the year .
No sooner have I sat with my cuppa poised for the first sip , the birds are peeping through the window, a sign they are indicating the feeding station needs their breakfast putting out .
Off I go for breadcrumbs and biscuits , then I have to keep watch that the little birds and the blackbirds get their fill before the starlings and the pidgeons swoop .
By the time I sit down again my tea is luke warm , I cannot stand tepid tea . I,m off again now to make fresh tea . I will sit where the blinds haven't been pulled up .
The beautiful fish in my pic,. were stolen by a heron last year . That made me so sad . The new one's I bought are growing nicely and have a net cover .
Today, please, please let the sun shine . I don't think there is much hope we are forcast for a high wind battering .
I have started a new quilt so I shall be able to show the first three applique panels later today . In between doing that I'm knitting little garments for the twins that will be born late Autumn .
I had a lovely 3 days last week with family visiting.

Wednesday 6 June 2012


I have been trying to join Pinterest .I don't seem to have cracked it yet . I think you have to join to be able to get access to free patterns .  I also saw a beautiful pattern for baby bootees on the blog of Stitch and Quilt , Lovely pink bootees . it's a free pattern . I can bring the pattern up but I am unable to print it off .  I understand you have to  subscribe to the site to be able to print off free patterns .I have tried but all I can see is to buy a sub to creative knitting mag,. I shall give up .
I live in a village where there is only a small grocery shop . I thought it would be useful to be able to source a pattern without a long trip into town .
Ah! well , best laid plans and all that .

Friday 1 June 2012

Ding , Dong

Yesterday was a shopping day , Asda is the preferred choice for Bluebell . It turned into a nightmare . The tannoy was so loud you could not think , there was also pop music blaring out louder than a disco .  I duly made a complaint at the customer desk  . A manager rang me this morning to apologise he sounded so feeble he need not have bothered . It was a waste of time logging a complaint . I remember when supermarket music or musak as it was called was calmer .

The blanket I'm showing is a playmat for Evie . It's flannel so should be cosy to lie on.

Lot's of gardening to be done and still some plants to be put in.
Today I have been altering the length of sleeves on a jacket for a friend . If there is something I really dislike doing it is alterations but now that is out of the way I can cosy up in my chair and get on with a quilt that I am enjoying working on .

Here in England it is Jubilee fever .Parties everywhere , children excited .great plans for street parties and to top it all Rain is forcast .