Tuesday 15 May 2012


While out shopping yesterday I decided to buy Bra's .After browsing the racks , rails and shelves with half a dozen boxes in my arms I sought out an assistant who insisted I should really be fitted and measured . I hate fitting rooms and getting undressed in fitting rooms but I complied with the girl , I went into the fitting room , bared my body to a girl who was just about out of school .I must admit she was very kind and helpful . She decided that one bra,.that was more like a straight jacket was perfect .  Well !! it might have been perfect in her eyes but to me it was hidious . Yes, it was comfortable but ugly .
I decided that having got the thing on it could stay on , I'll take it I said . Please put the bra I was wearing when I came in into the bag , I wanted to pay and get out .
I am the owner of a bra,. that will be o'k if I want to go in business as a dominatrix . I just need thigh high boots and a whip  .
Next week I shall try John Lewis


Cass @ That Old House said...

So I am picturing the Bra equivalent of the metal shields worn by Viking opera singers.

Funny story! I don't think I'd have been as cooperative!

Chris H said...

Hee hee, already read about your Bra shopping... Bluebell blogged about it!
I think you could pretty up that new bra with some embroidery or lace!