Saturday 20 January 2018

Nerves all a jangle

Im like a new girl at school . I haven’t been able to blog since 2014. That’s when I changed from a laptop to the iPad . My blog was still there but I could not use it .on the laptop  if I remember rightly I went straight in . It’s a different procedure now . It takes this old pussy cat a bit longer to learn a new trick . I would never have sorted it myself . I got the I T man to come and sort it for me.
I’m hoping I will find old friends and gather new ones . I have to work out the next step of putting photos on so that’s another ball game to play . Please leave me a comment to give me encouragement .Ibelong to several of the new knitting groups that have been formed lately. They are signed by my own name ,Kathleen Solomi .The first comment that comes in  will be a milestone crossed   Bless you all. Xx

Friday 19 January 2018

Testing testing

Testing testing

At last I’m in to blogging again

Glad to be back.
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