Monday 28 February 2011

Painted silk

I painted this piece of silk a while ago but have not decided what to do with it . Frame or sew to make a cushion . I feel I shall probably have it framed .
I mentioned in a blog last week I love anything with houses or buildings on .
Several years ago I went to an art class at an adult education centre . I think I went about three times but was rather miffed because the teacher kept putting his personal touch on my painting that meant it wasn,t my design anymore .
I much preferred my own style but it wasn,t correct enough for him , pooh !!!
I usually find bits of my painted fabric when searching for other things .
Monday is the day bluebell and myself go grocery shopping but today we did a bit of rooting around in a couple of charity shops . I bought several mens shirts . I am making a shirt quilt at present . It is looking good so I thought I would re,stock with shirting .
Exremely cold today .

Sunday 20 February 2011

Eye Candy

During the last couple of weeks because it has been so cold I have been snuggled in the warm knitting , but enough of that I decided it was time to sew .
This is a collage I did some time ago i am now in the mood to finish it . I have to do a little quilting here and there to anchor the layers together and put the borders on . It could be framed but I have in mind black borders and have it as a small wall quilt
I love pictures , fabric , anything that depicts houses

The side panels on this bag had also been quilted a time ago so I finished this bag today

This quilt had also been waiting to be finished . It was a jelly roll . I love the colours but not for bedroom decor .It will be a quilt to snuggle under in the conservatory when reading . It is pinned and ready for quilting . I shall make a start after my supper of warm chiken salad .

Friday 18 February 2011

Knitting & inspiration

Two cardigans knitted for a very special little girl , and a knitted mouse .
This is the fabric I bought when myself and bluebell went to the Bramble patch sale .
3 fat 1/4s with stars ,bottom left
A selection of grey and brown for a small wallhanging I have in mind but I have to draw the pattern up yet , top left
6 fat 1/4s that will always fit in my kind of patchwork and
2 yds of floral , always useful
Because the weather is so cold here in England I seem to be curling up in the warm to knit rather than cutting , measuring , pressing and machineing patchwork .

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Good deed for the day

Last year I was referred to Vista, it is an organisation for the blind . They also help the partially sighted and offer practical support for anyone with eyesight problems .
I went for magnifiers but they offered me large print books to read . Absolutely wonderful . take as many as you want they said . I possibly had 60 books . I read them and then they go to the local library where they also deliver books to housebound people . The library girl was delighted to have them .
The staff at Vista said they were refubishing and getting rid of all the books and talking books on tapes because peope only want cd,s .so today Bluebell and myself went to Vista and collected about 180 - 200 large print books to donate to our library . There was also a full set of Harry Potter books in large print , some children are going to be thrilled to be able to read these books .
If we don,t do another good deed all week I,m sure we will be forgiven

We had a wonderful day yesterday at the fabric sale . I didn,t seem to buy as much as usual but I was very happy with what I did buy . I did feel the urge to get sewing when I arrived home but by the time I,d had a snack and tea I was just all pooped out . 9.30 pm I had to go to bed . that meant I slept well but 4,45 this morning ( or is it the middle of the night) I was up , bright eyed and bushy tailed , feet up on the settee , knitting.

Another busy day tomorrow , the books to deliver , ironing staring me in the face , parcel to take to the post office and if time allows , a little sewing .

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Do you ever

Do you ever feel you are being hounded and worn down by charities . I make my donations by direct debit and recently by cheque because I don,t want any more direct debits being taken . I know research and help is vital but the postal charges for letters pleading for more must be high .

Monday 14 February 2011

Preparing the way forward

Last Friday I bought a victoria plum tree , nice size , about 5 ft , these are the ingredients to help get it off to a good start .
I,m hoping next year I will pick my first plums . In a previous house I had a small tree that was so prolific we had to prop the branches up . In this home we had a plum tree ,it was not very fruitful so I took it out . I have high hopes for this one . To me it seems victoria plums when in season are always expensive , to pick from your own tree ! wonderful .

This green jug was a pressy from Silver sewer several years ago , I,m very fond of it .
Off to the patchwork fabric sale tomorrow. Nice to be involved in the scrum but it will be patterns and kits I,ll be looking at . I,ll show the booty on my next blog.

Friday 11 February 2011

Late start

It,s a late start for me today , I always listen to Chris Evans in the morning while getting ready to face the day . He had Brian Cox as his guest .
Brian Cox is a scientist , he is on programmes about the universe and space . He is no stuffed shirt ,he,s young and very likeable . he has a new series starting in March . I shall be all agog .
I have been busy spring cleaning this week . I have just about cracked it now . Silver sewer says a good going over once a week takes care of her home . I don,t have a special day for cleaning , if the sun shines , it,s gardening or even just enjoying the day . Of course I,d love to be a super duper house cleaner but it,s not quite how my priorities lay . If I have planned to do a domestic stint but someone rings to say can I come over the dusters get put back in the cupboard .
Spring must be on the way now , the sun is shining , buds are bursting .
Did you see the photo bluebell put on her blog . I,m sueing her , Never did I resemble my mother more than that picture . I,m not at all photogenic , ah well !! I was good looking when it mattered .

Sunday 6 February 2011

Promises , Promises

A little wander in the garden and I discovered this little gem . No more anywhere , talk about being the poor relation . It,s like the song 'Where have all the flowers gone '
This is what I call a cottage quilt , it,s been a long time in the making, at least 9 month but this week I have bound the edges , as I,m showing it now it was still raw edge but now completed . It,s made up of 4" squ,s I have finished a very nice bag today that I have been working on , I,ll show it tomorrow .
Bluebell and myself spent the morning at an antique centre , we managed to sueeze elevenses in . We didn,t spend , we walked round with our hands behind our back .

Friday 4 February 2011

Hold on to your hat

It is so windy today but I don,t mind . I always think everywhere gets a free sweeping , I don,t know where all the leaves etc,. blow too but who cares .
Don,t be fooled thinking this is my garden at present .There is not a bloom in sight , no snowdrops , nothing . Plenty of promise though . Little shoots here and there . The kerria on the left I cut and dug out last autumn to make room for a hydrangea . I shall miss it , it was an early spring bush . I didn,t get the tulip bulbs in either . oh dear!!!!

Tuesday 1 February 2011


Feb , already . For me ,days seem to fly by . I remember when my days seemed endless , sometimes dragging while waiting for something due to happen later in the day . Now in my retirement my days are always full .

I love reading blogs , sometimes sewing or knitting or crochet . Most weekdays bluebell and myself spend sometime together .

it is the sale at Bramble patch next week . It is only 1 day , manic but a must , definately something to look forward to .