Tuesday 29 March 2011

Its over for today

I have spent endless days sitting in my conservatory, warm in the sunshine . Lazily embroidering . reading , doing crosswords or just doing nothing at all . I occasionally walked in the garden to pull a weed or look at my fish . Now the rain has come my sojurn has ended . I did put a lot of plants in this morning knowing rain was forcast . Bluebell came and removed a root , the plant had been killed by the hard winter we have had , she also bought some violets and primroses from her own garden and planted them . We had coffee and nattered about this and that , browsed over patterns of quilts pending . A lovely way to spend the last few hours of a sunny day but the rain is very welcome I expect to see stuff in the garden coming on leaps and bounds now . I have just been blog browsing . I read the blog of Blueberry Heart .she is blogging about her holiday in Cyprus , Oh how my heart yearns .

Monday 21 March 2011

Busy doing nothing

The sun is shining and I,m just lazing the day away .I intend to just sit in my conservatory and dream . I will not feel guilty. It won,t be long before my garden will need constant attention .
Today it will be a little reading , a bit of time sewing over papers , I,m doing tumbling boxes . Lunch of chicken and ham salad . Just relax and enjoy the day , mmmmm

Sunday 20 March 2011


When the sun shines I like to get out and see what needs to be done in the garden , a few tweeks here and there .
I decided to reclaim this path . It had been covered with scree . each day I rake some of the stones away from it . I am putting a row of half log timber edgings to hold the stones back . Already I,m liking to see the path again .
We had glorious sunshine yesterday and hopefully a good day today . After a couple of fine days the buds are bursting on several plants
These planted pots smell wonderful as I pass buy and to me they are a joy to look at . The two smaller ones at the front contain plants that will go into the garden

Thursday 17 March 2011


This is the cushion I made at a workshop . I started it at the workshop and finished it today . As sewing goes it was fiddly and hard work We had to cut all the pieces before going and only managed to do the sky and background while there , we did manage to part do the tree and bushes and get 1 door and windows on .
Pretty now it is finished but I will not be in a hurry to make another . The winter version is nice but winter is sometime later .

Tuesday 15 March 2011


This is the quilt I made for my son . I used shirts . They were well washed and well worn but made a beautiful quilt . It took about 7 shirts . The scrappy bits that were too small I am using in a quilt the box pattern .

Back on the wagon

Back with the written word . I just could not get into my blog . I,t would not accept my password . Bluebell solved the problem , I was using the password for anything except the blog one . Passwords !! they were driving me crazy .
As soon as I have something worth writing about I,ll be back .
Today I have just sat in my conservatory sewing . I have been so busy over the past week it finally caught up with me . Bedtime was 8,o,clock last night I just could not keep awake . Today ? relax and back in the frey tomorrow . I need the sunshine for energy and today has been grey

Sunday 13 March 2011


My blog world is a mystery . It keeps saying sign in . I comply , then it will not accept so in the google bar I put in my address and I,m in . I,m fast losing the will to blog .

Friday 11 March 2011

Lost in never neverland

I have not been able to blog , I could not get in , I filled in places for a new password I think that did it .
Passwords seem the bane of my life .
Bluebell and I are off to a workshop tomorrow , if the blog man allows me I will tell you how we got on . At present after trying to get into blogland for so long I,m off toregain my sanity .

Thursday 3 March 2011

Shirt tails

Do you remember me telling that we went hunting in the charity shops for shirts to use in patchwork . Here they are all washed .
They have now been cut to just pieces of fabric . The collars , cuffs and seams have gone to the re,cycling . The buttons into the white button jar . A lovely stash . I need more orange and browns .I love doing quilts with shirt fabric .

Today we have been to another of our haunts for curtain lining remnants . Deep in the country where only those with a nose for sniffing bargains go . This is my stash of curtain lining . It,s 100% cotton . I wash it on 90 deg, hot wash then it doesn,t shrink anymore . It works well to use as cream in patchwork and after the hot wash is lovely and soft . of course we went for lunch after , it,s gruelling work with you head in bins of fabric .