Saturday 24 March 2012

Back In The Fray

Every thing has been on go slow this last week . I made these pedal pusher trousers for the little ones in the family last week . They seemed to like them so more to be made , Very easy to do . I bought he pattern at Bramble Patch . The fabric on the £3 counter at the Fabric Guild ,the pattern calls for 60 cms . Very economical .

I haven't had chance to blog this week . Other things have been to the fore .
My son came to do some maintenance work on my home . A fresh coat of emulsion on my bedroom walls and the garage on the outside was in dire need of painting and new guttering . The conservatory roof needed washing and the facia too .
Even the mirrors had a fresh coat of paint
He also put a new shower unit in . The old one was getting very temperemental . The thermostat was definately on the blink . Each morning I didn't know if I was going to get a cold shower or a lukewarm one . All sorted now .
The garden is now calling for attention . I usually try to make that my Sunday chore . All though I love gardening it is still a chore . One day work , six days sitting back to admire the view.
Today I have been browsing patchwork magazines. For months I have been searching for a Octopus pattern that I see on Barb's blog . Today I found it in Australian Patchwork & quilting .
VOL 9, No 7 April 2002 . It really does pay to hang on to your old mags . When clearing a wardrobe so he could get at the back to paint my son remarked "there is a magazine here dated 1995 . " I know, I know , just put it back , but it still has the plastic sealed wrapper on sez he .
Just wait till they really have to clear the place.

Friday 16 March 2012


All I need is a kick in the pants and I could make a quilt from these scraps .

It is really too cold to be enthusiastic about doing anything

Wednesday 14 March 2012

And there is more

I posted a spider web yesterday . I love these dewy webs . I think this one is gorgeous.

I have never seen a spider spinning its web but I would like to .

Do they spin in the dark ?

Would you like to show your spider webs on your blog . If you do please tell me . I'd love to see them .

Still really cold here

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Walking in the morning dew

Taking an early morning trip in my garden I came upon this work of art .Although it is wonderful it does look a little tatty here and there .
It is a bit magical with the mist . I confess to liking cobwebs in the garden when they look like this . I don't care for then in the shed , the garage and even less in the house . I recall when I was a girl we would strip a sten of privit from the hedge , bend it into a curve and collect the cobwebs . This was then called a fairy mirror .

Today has been a little frustrating . The printer won't print from the laptop . Picasa won't give me my pic's ,. and the lap top is slow .

Ah! well , tomorrow is another day .

Saturday 10 March 2012


I really like using felt . I said in my last post I would show felt on a bag .

I made this bag about 2 years ago . I'm showing the 2 side panels and the front and back . It is quite a big bag , large enough to hold a quilt

It is a mix of felt and fabric on the applique

I shall be starting a bag this evening . The pattern will be from a strip of parcel tape.

Watch this space , I will not keep you awiting too long

Friday 9 March 2012


Lucky me indeed . I won this felt from Laura , her blog is lupin handmade .

Laura makes the most amazing felt brooches . Toys and all sorts of whimsical things .

I have bought felt from Laura a long time ago . The colours and quality are excellent.

She is a very talented and inspiring girl .

Put lupin handmade in your Google bar and take a look at her blog.

Later today I will put a picture on my blog of how I use my felt .

I'm showing the book I have just finished reading .

It is very much of the time we are in at present . It is about news journalist .It is a story not actual . It is about 3 journalist covering Africa and the like countries . It is harrowing and sad .

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Today, Tommorrow , Yesterday

Was yesterday another time another place , I have been to sleep since then so I'm not sure .

Yesterday the sky was azure blue , The sun shone like a midsummer day . I was up and active at 6 am .

I called at bluebells house to look at a quilt she kept telling me was uninspiring . Nothing uninspiring about it at all . It is lovely .

Do you fancy going to Ikea , she ask . Yes I did and off we went .

As I said the sun was shining . I had been looking for a new table and chairs for my garden . Lulled into a false sense of sitting in the sunshine enjoying a morning coffee I duly purchased a table and 2 chairs .

Oh! how we can be fooled . Today it is raining but I'll look out of the window and dream .

I had planned to get the patio cleaned . It will have to wait . I'm going to make cheese scones ready for when bluebell calls.

Who cares if the sun don't shine . If the sun hasn't got it's hat on . I wish it was shining though .

This pic,. I'm showing is from my holiday at christmas . It was taken from a jeep while in the Sahara Desert .

Sunday 4 March 2012


We had a few days with beautiful sunshine . My garden is still in the choas of winter but a trip to the garden centre for a little bit of cheer .

Plants are beginning to shoot and the fish are feeding . It will be interesting to see the difference in 2 weeks time .

It isn't a weekend for doing anything much except just look out of the window at the pouring rain . Musn't grumble , we are told we have a water shortage .