Tuesday 31 July 2012

I know it's long time no blog but because we are having a dreadful summer I seem to be sitting around knitting , sewing ,crochet, no enthusiasm for blogging because I'm not doing anything that is inspiring enough to blog about .
I open the laptop , look around other blogs and pinterest
 , plenty of inspiration looking at what other people are doing then decide to do a crossword or read . I have finished a cot quilt for a neighbour . I have crochet a blanket for a baby expected in the Autumn , I must do another because it's twins  . I have made bootees . All really sedentry things .

My mantra will have to be MUST TRY HARDER

Sunday 22 July 2012

I am so lucky , a neighbour gave me this box of knitting yarn , she had no use for it . 16 Balls

I'm off to watch Wallender now .

I'll answer my yesterday friends tomorrow , please forgive me .

Saturday 21 July 2012


I haven't been blogging but I have been busy doing other things .
The crochet is a blanket for cold nights to come . lots of pretty colours .

I think being as we have had such dire weather over the last couple of months I have compensated by using colour in my sewing . I made this bag using a product called Texture Magic . Fabric is sewn on then you use a steam iron hovering over the work and the whole thing shrivels up creating a very crinkled surface , A bit of fancy decoration on the seams gives it another dimension . I put a zip across the top . It really is a fun piece . I don't know when it will be used , perhaps at the next quilt show I visit . The picture below is the other side of the bag .

This picture is another little bit of colour It measures 9and 3/4 x 14 and 1/2 inches . Just a small wall hanging . I'm a big fan of  http://exhuberant colour . Wanda put a tutorial on her blog last week explaing how she makes these small hangings . They are raw edge and a fun way to use those bits in your stash bag not wide enough for a seam but too pretty to throw out .

I joined pinterest , it's a great place to look at the beautiful things other people create
Bye for now , I'll try to not be away so long in the future .

Saturday 14 July 2012

hello my blogging friends . It must be at last a week since I posted on my blog . Reason being , I get so far and my curser goes haywire and my blog disappears .At present I am being so careful and tiptoeing around the keyboard . I'm breathing very carefully and praying I don't sneeze .

The china cup , saucer and plate is a present from bluebell . It adds to my small collection . It's lovely .

I am able to browse around the blogs , sometimes it all disappears but I manage to retrieve . Something must be very touch sensitive .

I have joined pinterest . It's a wonderful site . Such a lot to see, very often there is a pattern to go with the picture .  It covers many, many subjects .There are pictures of amazing crochet , there is a search emblem top left hand , just put in anything you would like to see .

I'm off I have just had the curser doing it's own thing again . Drat!!!!!

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Bluebell came to my home this morning . You joined me on Pinterest sez she . You said you liked the site sez I ,  Yes well to be on Pinterest I have to be on facebook now I have all these people wanting to be my friend !!!!!!!

Tuesday 3 July 2012

There has to be flowers

These beautiful Roses are from Aldi £3 . I buy at least one bunch of flowers a week .The colours of these roses are an absolute delight.

I was browsing the blogs yesterdayand looked at the site of Cheryl Goss . Her blog is http://willowberry.com she has lots of free patterns and tutorials .
I decided to make this thimble pip . It will make it easier to find my thimble in my very cluttered sewing bag .I now have plans for about 3 more , one for each thimble . It took about 2 hrs,. to make . There is a scissor keeper too . Just the project for sitting on a rainy afternoon .

What goes up just has to come down !!!!!   Bluebell and I went shopping yesterday . I remarked to bluebell something seems to be happening to my underwear .  I had put a pantie girdle on over my tights to make sure they stayed up . they were new tights , very shiny , and horror of horrors , the pantie girdle was slipping down . We stood and laughed till tears ran down our faces . We were in BHS , and the ladies cloakroom is up a long flight of stairs . By the time I got to the top the garment was at my knees .I really thought I would have to step out of it in full view of everyone