Friday 30 December 2011

Almost Gone

We are almost on the end of the old year . It doesn't seem so long ago that I was standing on a hill in Cyprus welcoming in the year 2000 . It seems like yesterday .

Tomorrow I hope to get rid of baggage that I have been harbouring as sentimental . Some stuff has to stay , the ties are still firmly knotted .

If it's a fine day the task will be easier , I always find more energy when the sun is shining . It gives me more incentive to declutter.


Wednesday 28 December 2011

Time to Wish

Time to wish everyone a wonderful , happy and healthy forthcoming New Year .

I love New Year , clearing away christmas regalia , the anticipation and hope that all will be well .

Today I have been catching up on housework after being away from home and spending time with my family . I had a lovely time seeing new places , visiting old haunts and generally celebrating christmas in a different way than I have before .

I'm sitting around the house today catching up on old newspapers .

Sunday 18 December 2011

BARB O sos

I cannot leave anything on your blog

Saturday 17 December 2011

This is my Swedish tree on the kitchen windowsill . Bluebell's husband Tony made this tree last year. It's cute , I love it

The dining end of my kitchen . The dresser arrived this morning . my christmas present to myself .

The christmas cake sitting in the middle is a present from Bluebell . Lovely

Another Tree

And this is the tree in my conservatory resplendant in Purple and Silver
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The treein the Hall

This tree decorated all in red greets me with warmth and cheerfulness after I have been shopping in the cold,cold, cold
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Santa Baby

So many Santa's , I think they are using my home as a depot

One of my trees

This is the tree in my sitting room , I tell it it's beautifuleach time I pass it
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Tuesday 13 December 2011


There are blogs showing crochet and lace . I love crochet and lace , in fact anything that relates to an era that seems to be slipping away .

I buy vintage bed linen from a lady that sells .

This is a pair of pillow cases I purchased about a month ago . The pillow cases are well used but the crochet has stood the test of time .

This is a pair of pillow cases I'm using at present . Never ever would you find these in a commercial shop .

Just look , at the depth of the crochet on the next pillow case

Here I'm showing the pair I,m using. Later I will show my own crochet . I really like doing Filet , but it is not so easy to get new patterns . Over the years I have let my patterns be borrowed , sadly never to have them returned .

There are magazines a little more available since shabby chic and vintage became popular but they are expensive . I do have knitted lace too .

When living in Cyprus I used to buy Lefkara lace . It is not lace in the meaning as we know it but really counted thread . Still very beautiful though .

Sunday 4 December 2011

A Hat Trick

Here in my part of the world 3 of anything is referred to as a hat trick .

I like to do big flower arrangements . I'm often on the look out for tall vases with a 3" neck space . Most times in the charity shops I don't find anything suitable but this week ,a hat trick , I got three .

The oriental pattern one cost £10 , More than I would usually pay for a vase but it is nice .
The blue and white vase £2 , it has 2 chips on the lip , no trouble , they won't be seen . The green one £2,95 . from the Heart foundation shop . Result ? one very satisfied woman

Friday 2 December 2011

and there is more

So many mishaps this week , I'm almost afraid to get up in the morning .

Earlier in the week I dropped and broke a crystal candle stick . I was very fond of that ornament .

I also broke a tooth . scary but now mended .

Last night I decided my dinner would be a cheese omelette . The top fell off the pepper pot. All the pepper went into the eggs . I scooped it out , so that was a disaster rectified .

The week isn't over yet!!! ??