Wednesday 27 July 2011

Sweet Memories

I've been really working hard in the garden from 5.30, It was 9 o,clock when I came in .

I had the perfect antidote , My greek music CDs and coca cola .

Coca cola gives me more energy than anything else .I shall probably be up till about 2 in the morning but it doesn't matter , I don't have to get up early .

The first picture is the Marina in Larnaca . This one is the village of Oroklini

This is also Oroklini

And this is the beautiful church of St Lazarus in Larnaca .

I don't have a holiday planned this year so what better than my greek music and memorable photographs.

Tuesday 26 July 2011

More searching--free labels

For the free labels to put on your jars of preserves go to Ukok's Place , put that in your google bar , under the heading click on Free labels , then scroll right down to the end before the comments


I checked the http , it came up cannot be found but I put in Preserving labels , try it


I was searching for labels to put on my chutney , beetroot and jam etc,. and came across this site where the labels are FREE .

The labels are at the end of the site and a really good assortment .

Not only these labels but, stuff for scrapbooking , religious text too , and card making

Definately worth a look '

I have been a bit lax on my blogging but so busy on other things , even my sewing has been put aside . I have been reading a few blogs after checking my emails .

Saturday 9 July 2011


My son recently went on a carribean cruise , he and Alison bought me a gift from each island they stopped at . This is one of the gifts , I love it . I really ought to hang it on the door and wipe off the red cross that says plaque and fever here , enter at your own risk .

To make sure I stay scurvy free today I have eaten for my lunch

Fresh garden peas raw ( £1.50 a 500 gr,. bag --Co.op

Grated raw carrot

Cucumber with yoghurt and garlic and lemon made into tzaziki

Fresh salad and spinach leaves from my garden as salad

Cheese and onion quiche £1 from the Co.op

My follow up is a medley of fresh fruit , 3 boxes of your choice £3 .

Can't be bad , no cooking , just the oven to warm the quiche .

Hope I don't sneeze my halo will slip .

Friday 8 July 2011

For me

Today once again I went to the city to do one thing and got sidetracked .

I did what I initially intended but a little more besides .

About 6 weeks ago my right ankle gave way as I went down a step in my garden . A bit of a complicated fall . nothing broken , bruises and a very painful pair of ankles that of now are still painful . Slowly responding to analgsic cream and paracetamol . Well I thought ,no more slopping around in old comfy shoes so into a shoe shop called Tin Fish , First I fell for the co,respondent beige and white , sensible tie ups , support all round . Then the Birkenstocks for wearing in the house , lovely , silver fronts ,I like a bit of flash . They have support insoles , wonderful . Then the black with the flower on . I have no idea what they are made from the salesgirl didn't know either , they are Italian and so comfortable . They also have them in pink!!!! mmmmm.

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Sunday Special Purchase

Bluebell and myself went to the antique centre on Sunday , one of our favourite haunts .

I fell hook line and sinker for these two pillow cases , both very old , i know the bottom one is hand crochet , I,m not so sure about the top pillow case , it could be manufactured lace but still very pretty , both white as driven snow .

I cannot resist pretty bedlinen . a little spray of violet perfume , I love it .

this is a close up

The lady we visit sells antique linen and lace . She did tell us her method of washing . starching and ironing .

A few weeks ago I bought a french cotton embroidered bedspread from her . It really is very special .

Monday 4 July 2011


5 o,clock in the afternoon , sitting in my garden listening to a child rendering out the sweet notes of the tune Greensleeves on his recorder . Far from perfect but quintessentially English I love it . Play on .

Then comes the rancid smell of someones barbeque, they are cooking onions . Perhaps the child is in the same garden ! the music has stopped but the smell of the onions lingers on .

Friday 1 July 2011

I haven't blogged for a few days . I have been blog browsing and reading other blogs . There is some beautiful work and crafts being shown . I get carried away with other people,s creativity then I don't have enough time left to write my own blog .

I'm making a flannelette quilt at present , I think this quilt will be over ny knees a lot this winter it is so cosy.

It's been a great day shopping in a nearby market town with bluebell . Coffee and cream cake to fortify us half way through the morning . A few purchases , the sort you don't set out to buy . Shoes were on the agenda but I came back without shoes but with 2 cardigans , Where is the logic ? I also bought a video , never heard of it but the man assured me I would like it!!! We finished our outing with a very nice fish and chip lunch al fresco .

Tonight I have been sneezing , itching . scratching , blowing , I am now at the huffing and puffing phase , goodness knows what kind of pollen is blowing on the wind . I,m not a sufferer of hayfever but living in a country area surrounded by fields does give problems sometimes .