Thursday 29 September 2011

Back to reality

I've had a wonderful holiday , I now feel refreshed and settling down to the nitty gritty of every day chores .

I went on a cruise of the Med ,. with my son . It was the first time of that kind of holiday . Usually after a couple of days on holiday I think , what is it all about , home is best , but this time I will be saving to repeat the experiance .

I could not fault one thing .

I visited . Italy , Jerusalem , Bethlehem , Rome , Turkey . My son also visited Galilee, I was not able to join him that day.

Roll on next time

Saturday 24 September 2011

Back after flying my nest

I,m back home . I have been on my hols,. for 2 weks. I was up at 5 o/clock this morning wide awake so thought it was a good time to sift through my emails . It is now almost 8 o/clock and 2 pots of tea I,m now thinking back to bed for an hour before I go further into the day .

I have had the best holiday ever but more of that when I post again .

Just after getting home the postman called . 3 packets containing swaps . 2 postcard swaps and a 15" quilt swap . What a lovely welcome home .

Back later , Bye for now .

Thursday 8 September 2011


I should not be blogging really , I still have lots to do but I was offered a real bargain . Because I have my house ins,. with Saga they offered me 3 years Saga magazines for £7,95 . I took advantage right away , All that information coming my way .

They must know I cannot resist magazines

Onward to read a few blogs before my concience says , Ironing waiting

Wednesday 7 September 2011

heard the song ?

Have you heard the song Give me just a little more time , ?

I need more of it in a day . I have been trying to get outstanding jobs done before I go off on holiday .

Holidays are nice to look forward to but it's catch up time at present . Today I have done my postcard for my postcard swap . Finished the binding for my Raggedy Anne and Andy quilt . Done baking to try to use up stuff in the fridge .

Yesterday bluebell helped me clean the fish pond and clear all the fallen fruit from under the trees . We have had strong winds and rain so fruit was on the ground and the flower baskets were ruined so they had to come down . Where are those beautiful misty September mornings that turn into a lovely summer day , not happening this year up to now.

I had avery pleasant break this afternoon with two friends popping in . Tea and cake and a good gossip .