Friday 26 February 2010

Fabric Guild

Bluebell and myself went to our fabric guild this morning to have a final root around , of course we came away with fantastic bargains . Initially bluebell went for 505 spray , I went for gingham fabric . Goodness knows what bluebell came away with but oooooh !! it will be bread and jam again .
These folowing pictures are my purchases . This is called a quilters mix £1.25, I have already cut this into strips and added it to a cheater lone star panel which I hope to add the batting and backing to tomorrow

This is 4 cushion panels, I shall cut the centres out and use them in a floral quilt, the pieces in between I have other plans for . The whole piece was £1,25

Again, ths is a set of 4 cushion panels , I shall add borders and make it into a lap quilt, the whole piece £1.25

These are christmas cushion panels . I bought 2 sets of 4 panels , I shall seperate them , make a patchwork house block to use as a centre block to turn the whole thing into a 9 patch christmas bed quilt , The 8 cushion panels were £2.50. I,m so pleased with my purchases

The turquoise, purpley in the bottom left corner is another 4 cushion panel , I shall cut that too ,I can use it in a Kaffe Fasset quilt . his style of quilts have beautiful bright colours . Some of my friends shudder at such vivid hues but not me.
The bottom right hand corner is floral fabric, 60 " wide, 3 yds £2 . I had 6 yds. It is Marti Michell fabric . down the side it says 1992 but it is in perfect condition. Perfect for backing . So another well spent day in any respect . Once again we have both vowed we are not going near a fabric place again for a longtime .

Quilt ,spead a little happiness

I had to make space on my Picasa files, I no longer have this quilt . Sometime last year a neighbour was stuck for a present for a gardening friend , She had seen this quilt at my house , remembered it and ask could she have it . I sold it her for £45 . What else can you say when someone is on a limited income . I had the pleasure of making it ,and still have the record of having made it , so several people were made happy
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Sunday 21 February 2010

Patchwork Cushion

I bought the pattern and fabric at the Bramble Patch sale last Friday . It was £5 , the pattern and 5 fat quarters . This is the back of the cushion the front is the next picture down

This is the front of the cushion, 1 large sq,. 1 smaller sq, 2 rectangles 36 smaller sqs,. all around the edge . The back is 2 rectangles and a piano border across . So simple , quick . and pretty

Friday 19 February 2010

Pickle Dish quilt

These are the pictures of my pickle dish quilt that I finished yesterday . The pattern is in Kaffe Fasset,s Quilt Romance , I love the strong colours that he uses . I was very pleased how this one turned out .
Because the joints of my fingers are worn out through years of hand quilting, I used to do a lot of wholecloth, gave them away not realising that the day would come when I couldn,t do any more . This one is machine quilted on a ordinary Brother domestic machine .

This is the border of the quilt

This is the backing,

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Armful of happiness

Yes I know it sounds shallow but this is my pink shopping yesterday . On the bottom of the heap is my new pink plush dressing robe, then 2 pink handtowels and 4 face towels, then hanging on the side is a pretty pink chemise . Pink and pearls . a weakness I have .

That is my last splurge for 40 days , its LENT, I will give up frivolous shopping . The first test will be Friday , bluebell and myself are going to Bramble Patch . A super , duper , patchwork shop . Its their sale, I went about 3 weeks ago with Silver Sewer , I bought a quilt kit I have yet to do, If I do succumb I will think of something as a pennance . I intend to give up my morning ginger biscuit that I am addicted to, I will not eat after 6 in the evening . I will fast 1 day a week for the next 4 weeks , It will not always be the same day . I must drink tea or other drinks . I could not be thirsty.
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Tuesday 16 February 2010

Re Smart accessories

Bloomingdales !!!! now there is something else I,ll have to put on my wish list . You see in the neck of the woods in England where I live we don,t have a Macy,s or Bloomingdales .

Bluebell and I went into the town today , I needed foam for Gazebo seating , gosh it,s expensive but it isn,t for myself it,s a job I,ve done for someone else . We did a little personal shopping as well . I bought a pink plush dressing robe and pink towels and face flannels and some socks ,and a very pretty pink chemise all from Primark . Bluebell bought champayne glasses, !!!! then we went for lunch at our favourite carvery , both of us were podged with a lovely meal . I washed mine down with apple juice, bluebell has a more exotic taste ,peach and cranberry or some concoction . Bluebell remarked she wouldn,t sit down when she got home or she would fall asleep . I went into my garage where I have enough space to pin my pickle dish quilt . I have since machine quilted half of it .

Smart accessories

I mentioned on a previous post that my son and his wife went to New york at christmas . I,m a bit of a shopaholic and really needed these Macy,s bags to give me a bit of street cred ,. living in the sticks I needed these, and my pinny!!!! love it . Thankyou guys .

Monday 15 February 2010

Help, help help

Iv,e got dozens of frogs from someone else,s blog jumping all over my post, HOW DO I GET RID of them what is the procedure

Sunday 14 February 2010

Time for a soother

It,s been a really difficult weekend , everything I started developed a problem . first the quilt I was going to finish for a friend .had a problem , then the power cut and the alarm screaming . today I started cushions for a summer house ,I do not have a piping foot and I couldn,t get close enough with the zip foot , I rang my son and said I,ll have to give up, "mmmmm "said he "never mind" . Then he rang me back to say skip the piping , so now the job is back on . hopefully it will now be o,k

Something nice did happen this morning , A friend ( the one with te dodgy quilt) came for coffee and brought me a late birthday present , 6 Laurel Birch fat quarters and a ceramic wall plaque depicting a goose tracks pattern . She remebered from some time in the past that I greatly admired the fabric of the late Laurel Birch

I also had a late birthday present from my son and daughter in law , they went to New York for christmas . They brought back 3 super Macy,s bags for me and a Macy,s pinafore , I,ll show them on my post tomorrow

Being as it had been a very fraught weekend I felt my ruffled feathers needed smoothing, so , I made pancakes for myself the mixture made enough for 4 pancakes , so I ate 4 !!!! drenched with fresh lemon and suger . I feel fine now , fit to face a new day tomorrow.
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Baby Blanket

This is the first little bereavement blanket to go to the maternity hospital , I,m going to do a different pattern for the next one . This one is a pretty aqua colour .
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