Friday 31 January 2014

The days are long when you are forced to stay indoors owing to the weather being wet and windy . Only the fields are flooded where I live so I.m not complaining .
I cannot believe tomorrow is the start of another month .
Because I cannot get out and about without an umbrella I have stayed home doing reading and crochet . My crochet has never grown so fast .
I have spent more time than usual blog reading and found new to me some interesting blogs , gathered a few ideas hoping to put into practice .
I have been trying to answer comments to my last blog but Mr Blogger would not bring my comment friends to me after the first two . I shall try again so I hope friends will know I'm trying to answer.
I found a site called Freebies for crafters , give it a try if you are looking for new blogs to read .

Saturday 25 January 2014

At Home Today , all Day .

I decided I was going to have an at home day today .Just doing whatever the fancy was.
I have had two visitors but each stayed just about 1/2 hour each . One to collect a sewing alt and the other the Avon lady . Yes !! ding dong.
I have sat doing crochet , a lovely quiet time.
his is my spot to sit , all the paraphernalia around my feet . pure contentment

This is another string to the bow , bag making from the Ani Downs book that bluebell bought as a Christmas present .

The kitchen table . I have a radiator at my back here so a warm spot to work.

In between every thing else I do a spot of blog reading in my den.

My amaryllis has come into flower this week . A dear friend bought this for me at christmas . If she has time to read my blog she will be pleased to see it

Friday 17 January 2014

Birthday Girl

Thursday was my birthday  .
I have had an amazing and very happy three days .
 lots of cards and many beautiful presents .
My family had wanted me to have a big family party , I declined because I am not a party girl    . Then a holiday in the sunshine was suggested . I declined again . I love sunshine holidays but you have to come back down to earth afterwards , back to the cold and the rain .
I chose to stay home and  I still had a wonderful time . I went out for dinner twice . To the cinema , we saw the film , A Slave for Twelve Years . A brilliant film but very soul searching .
I received many wonderful gifts from friends and family .
Back down to earth now.

Monday 13 January 2014

Being Fooled

In the words of the tv sitcom ,   I don't believe it !!!
yesterday bluebell and myself went to the Fabric Guild , on the way home we saw CATKINS , lots of them .  Surely it is too early
Another blogger posted a picture of pussy willow coming out .
While out shopping today I bought new bird feeders . The ones on the bird station had lost the lids in the high winds .
all topped up with seed and Niger seed for the smaller birds . I have noticed the sparrows flying around so hopefully they will notice the new containers and fresh seed.
A few bulbs just poking through the soil . the weather is very cold ,but sunny.
I have been making a bag out of my new Anni Downs book . It has a front panel made with felt , of course I shall post it when finished .
quite a bit of crochet also being done. Two babies expected in the family mid, summer .

Friday 3 January 2014

Soon To Be

Just a short post .
I'm soon to be a birthday girl .  This is the present I bought for myself . A little change for breakfast time .  I love all flowers but especially tulips .
Tulips are a late flowering spring flower and I'm always thrilled to see that big blob of colour on such a slender stem . I planted 100 this year . It will be interesting to see .
My new breakfast set is bone china and the little sandwich tray is melamine .
It's a lovely sunny day here in England but very cold .