Sunday 28 October 2012

Two happy girls leaving the Malvern quilt show . I ask a man to take a picture . When I looked at the camera on arriving home he had inadvertantly done a video and a pic,. in the distance .
It was a very cold and very windy day . My hair doesn't do windy .
I cannot get the video to play, I cannot remember what bluebell was pointing out but if the video does play ( it does on my Picasa ) bluebell just about floors me . She pushed her bag at me so there is a fracas . I tell you she takes that bag everywhere , it is very heavy , I don't know what she carries in it I have never been priviledged to look insde .
I have made a start on the red quilt , so far all is well .

Saturday 27 October 2012

Day out at the malvern quilt show

Ah ! yes ,a day of pure happiness , lots of laughter on the way .Fri,. 26th , the quilt show at Malvern .
The cushion I'm showing was on a stall . The lady heping said it was a cushion she had made , she didn't have a pattern but she would hold it up and we could take a photo . Usually people are so , no no no , but we didn't ask , she offered  , such a lovely gesture .
The autumn show is not huge but essential if you want the shopping . One of my fave,. shops were not there , Cotton Patch . I wanted Kaffe Fasset fabric , they have a good range . I know I could shop online but it isn't like buying from the roll in front of you , also there is post and p,. to consider .
I have long wanted a red and white quilt . On the fabrication stand they had displayed a lovely red and white quilt by Susan Briscoe called Famoe quilt . I had to pay
£4.50.for issue no,75 which is Dec ,2011. Not really on to charge full price for a last years magazine but I suppose you want it , you pay for it . Still cheap for a pattern , say no more .
I bought fabric from 3 different stalls to make the quilt .I shall buy the backing later.
I bought a felting kit , this is something else I have been wanting to have a go at . I think it will give a three D effect to embriodery on a bag .
I'm now juggling , crochet ,hand quilting on my zig zag quilt ,and other bit,s . but onward I go.
I bought 2 bag kits. The stallholder didn't have just the patterns but at least I will not be fishing around for the fabrics that attracted me to the bags initially .
I also bought a pack of hand dyed fabric for applique . A great stall with fabric so reasonably priced .
I was looking around for Madiera Super Twist machine embroidery thread . No one sold it so I suppose I will have to trawl the internet . I want no other so the search continues .
Yes ! I spent too much but it's a long winter . It was very dark this morning . We put the clocks back 1 hr,. tonight . It's a tradition I think should be scrapped but who am I to say .
 The weather forcast is arctic cold but it is a beautiful sunny morning .
Bye for now .

 For my red and white quilt
 My bag patterns and kit
 My felting pack
My hand dyed fabric

Friday 19 October 2012

I went to my usual Thursday afternoon sewing yesterday with Bluebell , our host gave us 4 wooden cotten bobbins each . They are so collectable . I had a lot at one time then someone saw them and ask could she have them . I gave . I didn't realise they would be so sought after . These are the only ones I have so I better cherish them and turn a deaf ear next time someone espies them .
My next picture is showing why I'm finding it difficult to blog . I'm doing crochet every spare moment . Little extra christmas pressies . I love doing crochet so it's no hardship . I saw my first crochet blanket when I visited Silver Sewer about 2 years ago . She had made a very pretty blanket after being taught when visiting an American friend .  I next saw a tutorial on the blog of Attic 24 , I then made a positive start . Dividing my time between crochet and my patchwork leaves time for little else
Off for a cup of tea to fortify . Bye .

Tuesday 16 October 2012


Sorry about the spelling mistakes on my previous post . I'm not really a duffer , please forgive
I hate being a come day go day blogger but I seem to have lost the rhythem of doing stuff on a regular basis.I'll call it laziness but I haven't been lazy . I'm doing crochet and knitting to put in my christmas presents . Those crochet ripple blankets take a long time to make but I hope whoever receives them will feel wrapped in love . They are not a cheap gift to make so I'm hoping they will be well received .

The throw on my settee is a present to myself . It's really luxurios . It's chenille , soft and silky , pearl beads on the fringing . I bought it from Laura Ashley , 30% off it's original price and I love it . It's quitebig , It's folded in four here .

A fair amount of cooking done today , Chicken and veg, soup, at least four portions to go in the freezer . Chicken curry , two portions for the freezer . Beetroot , and chicken drumsticks , some for my dinner tonight with salad and some left over . I bought a pack of chicken portions yesterday , there were 15 pieces in the pack so that is the reason for the cooking and I shall have meals just for the taking and defrosting .  I have to bake a coconut cake this afternoon in an exchange for Bramley apples . My tree didn't produce any this year . I have also been given blackberries so they must be cooked also ..

I have been making a pretty patchwork top , it's ready for the batting and backing . That is from a jelly roll . I'm always surprised how much there is on a jelly roll .I am hand quilting a large zig zag quilt . I saw one on the blog of , I have lots of scraps so it was a good project for using some .

Well no time to dally , I need a cuppa before the cake mixer comes out . I hope I find time to write again soon