Monday 30 December 2013

The Last Lap

Nearly at the end of the road we have travelled during 2013. The sad thing is I cannot recall that I have done anything different to what I have done other years .
I always look forward to the New Year but I do not make resolutions .Lot's of things pass trough my mind with the idea of change but that is about the stretch of my ambitions .
I always welcome friends into my home and enjoy their company .
Today is a bit of a no go day . Raining , windy and cold . I cannot say ,Ah well Spring is round the corner it's just a dream .
My day will be watching Mary Poppins on Tv this afternoon , a good filling lunch and sewing .
I have had a very enjoyable Christmas , I hope you can say the same .I hope the New Year is good for you and your family. Bless .
St Martin's Church Desford .

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Thank you Santa

I tried to stay awake to see Santa but I missed him again .Just look how very lucky I have been.

all is revealed

I had this wonderful Anni Downs book from Bluebell with other lovely things . Jill knows I'm a big fan of Anni Downs .

Another close up . Gorgeous pickles and marmalades, designer chocolates , lovely beauty shower and body gifts . I'm very fond of  candles and room diffusers .   I also had a gift voucher , and beautiful silk chrysanthemums .
such a lot of wonderful gifts .

These pretty, pretty slippers . I'm a superstitious girl so these could not be put on the table .
This morning I'm listening to radio 2 and singing along to all the songs that were around when my two boys were small . daft songs like three wheels on my wagon . my old mans a dustman and when father painted the ceiling .  they don't write those kind of songs any more but so great to loudly sing along  to .
I had lots of visitors yesterday . people know they are welcome to come to my home anytime . People dropping in give me great pleasure .
For making my Christmas wonderful thank you , not in order .
Peter and Sue
David and Alison
Jill and Tony
Anne and Edwin
Elaine and Hedley
Christine and Keith
All my grandchildren and great grandchildren
and other friends ,neighbours and aquaintances .
I'm now off to the kitchen for coffee . This afternoon I shall be perusing the Anni Downs book with freezer paper in one hand and felt and scissors nearby .  relaxing tomorrow ,  my other son will be visiting on Friday and staying over .

Sunday 22 December 2013

This week I have had family visit me . The home always feels a bit empty when they have gone home , miles and miles away .
I decided to use the lemons from the fridge to make lemon curd, It thickened well  .
I then decided to make some mincemeat . I bought 2 packs of dried fruit last week by mistake . It will be better used as mincemeat than getting dry in the packet . I gave it a slosh of Jack Daniels to perk it up . It smells good . I shall add butter instead of suet as Mary Berry suggested , probably some flaked almonds too .

Tuesday 17 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It sure is looking like Christmas in my house but outside the sky is blue and cloudless . Just how I like it .For the time of year the weather is amazing , not seasonal but I'm sure that is to come .
I've decorated my kitchen dresser with the red pots . Changed the curtains to the red gingham .

Two weeks ago I bought myself my Christmas pressy . I fell for two chairs .I am an impulse buyer but I do like them . I can hear my family sighing , more furniture !!

My Jade money plant is doing proud again by being in full flower ,lovely. It lives in the conservatory .

My new Christmas cacti plants have settled down by not dropping the buds but the second one must have been dropped at the garden centre because when I removed the plastic sleeve about a third of the plant fell off . Someone must have just put the loose bits back in to make it look o,k  plus one was labelled white . It is pink , I don't mind . The loose bits I have re,potted , they have two choices , grow , or !!!

This is the one that was labelled white .

I bought this picture as new for Christmas . I like it immensely and can see it being a regular for Christmas times to come.

This corner is the same all the year round but fits in nicely . It doesn't have to be changed .

My tree and cosy fireplace in the sitting room .

The dresser here will be the place for the special cards .I hope you enjoy my little scenario .
Bye for now , Best wishes for Christmas .

Saturday 7 December 2013

Finished Quilts , Phew!!

This week I have been concentrating on getting quilts finished for Christmas . It was no mean feat .
The red Christmas quilts are just bits and pieces from my stash .

This quilt is cot size . It is a Christmas panel built up round the sides , it has a 2oz batting and backed with fleece so it will be cozy .

This is a shirt quilt , I really feel like hanging on to this one myself for a while . Perhaps I shall feel different in a couple of weeks

Another Christmas quilt .
I feel it would be nice to just sit and read or watch dvds for a few evenings .
I had a nice surprise yesterday . I sold a quilt 2 weeks ago . It was the Dresden medallion that I showed on my blog . The person who bought it was so delighted with it she sent me a card with an extra £40 .WOW .
I have also had a very sad shock this week . My next door neighbour died very suddenly . I feel sad and cannot get my mind focussed at present .  It makes one realise how fragile life can be .She was a lovely person , I shall miss her.
Bye for now , time for a cup of tea.