Sunday 29 April 2012

Take a second look

Take a look at the blog I posted yesterday if you wonder what this is all about
I'm showing how I do my free motion quilting.

I suggest to anyone wanting to try not to take big sweeping movements . To practise first on a piece .

I do wish you success , remember shoulders down and a nice gentle relaxed approach .

Still raining .

Saturday 28 April 2012

Another notch on the bedpost

I'm sure every one knows by now that we have had a lot of rain in England . It has meant sitting indoors instead of being in the garden or outside .I haven't had much get up and go or felt like doing much at all .  I need sunshine for energy .

I have finished a quilt . this is a nine patch that is cut into four and re,assembled . It is a kit I bought at Bramble patch . I put borders on to make it bigger . I don't usually buy kits but I liked the colours .  I can use the back of the quilt as a wholecloth .

There has been quite a bit of crochet on blogs at the moment . I like doing crochet and it's an easy to put down craft . A big plus is no threads of cotton trailing around , also no fluffy dust from cutting fabric . Anyway this is my settee Afghan . Browns,cream ,and an occasional row of pale blue .

Sunday 22 April 2012


I wrote a few days ago about different birdies appearing on blogs and how they were  being used on sewing and various crafts . This is a folder I purchased at Asda .  Cute inspiration?

Thursday 19 April 2012


Oh my goodness! the blog format has changed . I'm hopeless with change . A few weeks ago I had a new lap top . I'm getting familiar with some things but picasa is different on it . I just use to bring up the pictures and add to my blog . Now it comes up with numbered files and I have no idea what is in where .

I did write this blog earlier but it went into an old defunct blog that isn't used any more .

Anyway I digress. On some blogs girls put personalised drawings of birds . Their own comical drawings . I love them . the birdies I add to my sewing are round fat ones . Today I found two that made me smile . One was on Button Floozies  the other on a site called , one I made earlier today .

I'm off to make jam tarts , at least I know how to make them .

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Nosying Around

Today it is very cold and wet again . I'm not complaining about the rain . We need it
I'm blogging around this morning looking for blogs I haven't visited before . I appreciate new bloggers reading my post , that way I get to go different places, see new parts of the country and hear different views on various things .
I've set my day out accordingly . Read the newspaper , with a bacon sandwich in my hand and coffee at my side .
Now blogging with another cuppa till midday
This afternoon I will hopefully sew , or crochet or knit . I have all these projects on the go . This will be after my lunch of cream of veg ,. soup . homemade of course .
Well off to explore a little more blog land . Yesterday I found something to do with scrap booking . It's not something I had considered doing but it did look very interesting .Look at Mixed media artist if it doesnt come up on the link put it in the google bar .

Tuesday 17 April 2012

A little bit of Busy ness

Four more pair of pedal pusher trousers made for the little ones .

It all started out as 60 cms of fabic for each pair . \something to make that isn't going to be hanging around for a long time staring me in the face and saying get on with it
Another speedy project . Bluebell admired my bag . So, a case of flattery gets you what your after , I made her a bag . I took it to her today , she is a little indisposed for a few days and needed cheering .
This is my bag to the right and bluebells bag to the left
Here in England we have April showers with a vengence this week but I'm sure rain showers followed by sunshine will be good for the garden .It's very cold in between the swers though

Thursday 12 April 2012

My postcard swap

Im involved in a postcard swap . This one for March had to be beside the sea shore.
The second one for April has to be Autumn
The swap organiser lives in South Africa so I suppose that counts for doing Autumn in April but these two cards are both going to Australia . One to Queensland and the other to New south Wales .
If you fancy being involved look to Bundy postcards . Your google bar will take you to the site .
I have just been looking at Cubby House Crafts . It'a good . A very pretty hexi crochet doily on there , Done in wool so could be a quick project .

Sunday 8 April 2012


This is a bag approx 5 1/4 ins, by 6 ins,. I have always loved spending time doing and collecting silky fabric for crazy patchwork . Recently bluebell introduced me to a magazine purely showing embellished crazy patchwork . It's an amazing magazine . I'm hooked . These little bags will contain presents for christmas time . The editor of the mag,. is Pat Winter who has a blog devoted to the craft . Check out her blog if only for the eye candy . I have about 3 more in the making .Such a break from hauling large quilts .

I have not had much to show lately as regards patchwork but I have been doing other things .
I showed pedal pushers or Capri pants whichever you might call them . I made several pairs for the young children in the family . this week I have been making sun dresses and finishing off a knitted cardi with a hood and also a skirt . Sorry you are seeing the same pic,. twice. My picasa is now a different format , I dare not delete in case the lot goes . I'll get it sorted eventually. I have made errors before clicking twice when I thought nothing was happening.
I have also made 2 little girls sundresses . I bought the pattern at Bramble patch . I hope Ellie has room in her wardrobe for her growing summer attire .
I have been blog hopping to see what others are doing over the Easter holiday . American girls are so lucky to have garage or yard sales . They seem to find amazing treasures . I know here we have car boot sales but I will say openly and honestly they are a lot of old TAT .
I have been on the look out for a book by Margaret Miller , Strips and Curves . It must be out of print . It will turn up somewhere eventually.
Just leaves me to say Happy Easter to all .

Tuesday 3 April 2012

I need a shove

I haven't put a blog for well over a week . Nothing wrong , just sheer laziness . I have read blogs and left comment but never seemed to have anything interesting to other bloggers .
I have done a little sewing of stuff for the little ones in the family . An hour of reading here and there but apart from that nothing worthwhile .
I'm behind with my postcard swap .
Yesterday I sorted fabric for sewing , if I can push myself I might put my sewing machine up this afternoon.
For some reason I cannot get a picture on my blog . That hasn't done much for inspiration. Well ! I do have a picture but not one I chose . It is a lucky dip , clicked on a number .