Friday 18 May 2012

Message for CAZ**************

Yes , It is Farne Designs where I bought silk ribbon .
I made an error when I said on my yesterday blog the bags of pieces for making a 12" block were 2.50 ,    It should have read £12.50 .  Still a good buy .
Please Caz I cannot email you, it says default . Does that mean on my L/top or your system ?


Caz said...

Thanks for answering. I have no idea about the e-mailing thingy. I got a crazy patch kit from FarneDesigns at Westpoint and will be taking the finished patch to show them on Sunday. I have posted 'them' on my blog.

Barb Oaker said...

Your bra dilema is an international experience, believe me! I have spent as much as 3 hours being professionally fitted and trying on what seemed like hundreds of bras. After all was said and done and I spent every last cent in my account, the new ones were as bad as the ones I was replacing after wearing them a few hours. Why is it we can send men to the moon but women can't find decent support bras that look and feel like straight jackets! Barb