Thursday 31 January 2013

Woe is me

For two days I have not been able to get my emails . First it was they didn't recognise my password , then it was saying my email address wasn't recognised , then it said my security details were too strict ? what does that mean . Then it said I had tried three times so ??? whatever . I truly don't know where to go from here . I'm frustrated .
I apologise to anyone who has emailed me , I'm sorry I cannot answer .

Tuesday 29 January 2013

For Bluebell

I have been trying to explain over the phone to bluebell about doing a quilt medalion style as opposed to the centre being square . In my opinion a medalion wins every time .
I 'm having a few non sewing days . It means there will be no cotton trailing and falling to the floor . I won't be walking , sleeping , eating with cotton stuck to me ..
I started a bit of early spring cleaning . We had a sunny day on Sunday . Perfect for chasing cobwebs away from under furniture and hard to get at places .
I feed the birds and make sure they always have water . How do they repay me ? by leaving a message on my lovely pillow case that was hanging on my line outside  .

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Now you mention it

One of my blogging friends enquired did I have a brolly to go with my new spotted wellies.  Well , yes . Bluebell bought me a new brolly for my birthday . I'd always hankered after a clear plastic umbrella .This one is a beauty , it's clear with spots on and my raincoat is pink .
There is still a bit of fashion in this old pussy cat . come to think of it I probably look like sunbonnet Sue . Now there is a vision for you to conjure up .

The last 2 nights I have been watching the British bake off in aid of comic relief . I think it is on all week , it is superb . I have laughed when seeing the novice bakers  eyeing ach other to see what the other was doing .
They kept showing a crusty looking loaf of bread , all I could think about was that bread with cheese and onion . 
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Tuesday 22 January 2013

snow shoes

My new size 6's 
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For Caz

Caz say's she has no snow  . Here is mine . The hole in the middle is my fish pond . It's bitterly cold and freezing at present 
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Great Day

The sun is shining, it's such a relief to see the sun  . Every where is still covered in snow but the sun gives hope that life is good . Today I can sit in my conservatory and relish the brightness .
Yesterday bluebell and Tony collected me to go shopping . I had not been out for 2 weeks except to keep one appointment .
Now I,m off to make coffee .  
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Sunday 20 January 2013


To pass the time I'm trying to get a little in advance on my postcard swap . I completed January but up to now have not been able to post it  For feb,. the theme is memories .I haven't come up with a positive idea yet . The one I'm showing is for my own collection
I have spent the afternoon using scraps . I have put together 3 cushion fronts . When I have competed them I will show . If I am stil lstuck inside snowbound they will definately be finished this week  , then put away till needed as a gift.  
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Friday 18 January 2013


This is the postcard I shall be sending to Australia for my postcard monthly swap . the theme is happy birthday . It just needs to go under something heavy to flatten it , the vilene for the stiffener has been rolled up. My feb,. card will be memories . I have my idea for that one . I just have to draw it up . If the snow continues to confine me to the house I will be able to do March too.
We are well and truly snowed in , who cares . It's a chance to catch up . 
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Wednesday 16 January 2013

What a clever girl

Not me , It was Elizabeth at Cornish cream who put me right about putting more than one picture on . So easy, easy peasy in fact . I didn't know what to put on that would be interesting enough but being as I have lazed around today wondering if I could produce a good garden this year I thought I would put garden pic,s on . These are "2010 pictures . Last year was a disaster owing to all the rain .
These will be something for me to live up to .

Monday 14 January 2013


4 o/ clock Tea and rock cakes . I still cannot load more than one picture ,  so 3 in a row  
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This is the menu for a marshmallow world , Veg soup , that will shortly be cream of veg soup 
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It' a marshmallow world 
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Saturday 12 January 2013

It's o,k

The quilt top was folded away for several months I had made the star centre about 3 maybe 4 years ago . I was teaching a class how to make this star .Afterwards it was put away . Then when fishing around I found it again and decided to add borders . I didn't have a pattern . I just went along with what I thought would look right .  A few days ago I got it out again and decided to put wadding and a back on it .Having gone that far the only thing was to complete it . I hand quilted the star and machine quilted just straight lines on the borders . I have stitched the binding on 2 sides and shall finish the rest tonight . I quite like it now although blue is not a colour I go for . I might even do some more hand quilting on it . 
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Thursday 10 January 2013


Before I start on frustration , don't you just love the way Tulips stand like soldiers when you first put them in a vase and then go all dramatic and sculpural . Tulips are one of my favourite flowers . I love all flowers but  especially Tulips ,none in my garden this year though .

Well my frustration !. I have been trying to find where I can buy the Some Kind of Wonderful books by Anni Downs . They are available in America but I don't want to pay premium postage ,also I have been caught before with Tax.   
I would also like the Red House book by Natalie Bird . Last year I chased all over (by laptop) for Natalie Birds Tis the Season christmas book . I was successful finding it from a shop in Newcastle . If anyone knows of a shop that has Skw in England and the red house book I would be so grateful for the information.
I will now go back to pinning my blue quilt top together . I'll post a pic of it later
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Monday 7 January 2013

My fabric from the fabric guild U,K

These are the fabrics I bought last Friday at the sale .
fabric with carrots on
fabric with potatoes on and fabric with mushrooms on . The little ones in the family loved there pedal pusher trousers last year that featured novelty prints . there is also fabric with houses on . These were £2 per yd. the cream which is like an unbleached cotton was also £2 . I use that for applique background .
I also had 5 yds of the red to use for backing . All in all , very useful . 
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Sunday 6 January 2013

Don't go downin the woods today

Some people are just so wonderful

Bluebell and me went to our fabric guild on Friday and lo and behold  Micheal and Jacki had collected another load of tedies for children in war torn countries . There has to be about a hundred here . Such wonderful ladies knitting , Micheal said these ladies are waiting for the go ahead to carry on knitting .

The fabric guild u,k is for anyone to join and they do mail order . Just put it into your google bar to have a look see .  On my next post I will show you my purchase .
I read all the comments about my scrap quilt on my last blog and heeding those comments I decided to change just one piece 5x2 inches . There will be a similar one coming along because scrap bins do not go down far after doing one top.but all the rooting around keeps me out of mschief and stops me falling asleep in the chair .
No garden tyding today , it's cold and damp       k
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Saturday 5 January 2013

Over the lazy days

 During the christmas holiday I had time to root around in my offcuts fabric box and decided to use the red .I put this quilt top together . I have looked at it several times and feel some blocks need changing . Although as a quilt it isn't for anything special the saying goes if you can live with it O,k but I have some spare blocks that I think might fit better in the over all appearance .I shall probably spend this evening doing a bit of unpicking .

I could not load this picture in the usual way from Picassa . I have read on various blogs that there seems to be a problem at present . Previously I would have the word browse come up and I was able to choose my picture. This time browse didn't appear . I'm not sure how to load more than one picture now . Can anyone help .

We have had a coupe of drier days with a peek at the sun. Today is one such day so I went into the garden and pulled dead stalks and plants that looked rubbishy . It was quite pleasant tyding about I hope we have another fine day tomorrow so I can do more .

I hope I can get the picassa business sorted .
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