Sunday 26 June 2011

non paying guest

Cheeky as you like , it took residence in my potting shed

Thursday 23 June 2011

Enlighten me

Can anyone tell me where to look . On each of my post it says at the bottom , ' Done but with error on page'

Beautiful day here in England , just right for lazing around .

Summer Garden ,all bright and beautiful

I let my garden be included in the village open gardens last weekend . Sadly it was not a summer day , It rained but people did tur out to visit the gardens .

My beautiful golden roses and purple clematis that had been stunningflowered early and were sadly finished but there are other nice corners not caught in the picture . It is a small cottage garden . The prolific stuff going up the left side are my runner beans

This is my salad stuff growing in boxes

And this is a pic,. of my front garden , sorry about the flash but I took it from inside . My beautiful lavender hedge is wonderful again . On a sunny day I will make a better effort . The hydrangea bottom left is in full bud just waiting for the sunshine .

Sunday 12 June 2011

Next step & a note for followers of Bluebell

I have now pinned together the replacement quilt . It is coming along fine . I haven't been able to start the machine quilting today though .

The weather is so dismal but i will not complain, we desperately need the rain here in England . It isn't summer rain , it's really cold , central heating on in flaming June .

I have done nothing worthwhile today ,just crosswords.

Bluebell cannot blog for a few days . she has phoned to say her computer has died . Just a black screen she say's .

Thursday 9 June 2011

All's well

I worked hard sorting ironing and cutting fabric yesterday afternoon . I managed to get 400 , 4 1/2" sqs cut and before 8 o clock had made 16 nine patch blocks . By Sunday the top will be ready for the batting and backing . It will be machine quilted so no problem . I shall show this quilt hopefully in a weeks time . This is to replace the quilt a neighbour wants later in the year . I sold the one I made previously .

Today bluebell and myself have been the other side of town sourcing fabric for our worn and washed quilts. My son and daughter in law read one of my previous blogs saying I was looking for flannelette items and today a parcel arrived containing the very type of stuff I need . They do not live in my part of England , Isn't it nice when you get a response . Thank you both .

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Pride before a fall

I was so pleased the way my garden was coming on after having to be redone 2 years ago due to the fence being replaced . I even told the village commitee they could add it to the open gardens in 2 weeks time . THEN yesterday I called on bluebell , her garden is absolutely stunning . Admitedly her husband is a big help but it is truly wonderful . I did ask her to post a video on her blog .

A while ago a neighbour called to see me . I was making a quilt , "I will buy that" she said "but I don't want it till later in the year" . Oh me of little faith ! I have heard that before , kept quilts to one side and heard no more . Anyway , I let the quilt go !!. I had reason to call on this neighbour on Monday . During conversation of -what are you making now ? she said " I still want the quilt " . consequently I,m cutting squares like fabric is going out of fashion . Serves me right that I have a blister on my finger . I shall be burning the midnight oil for the coming week .

Saturday 4 June 2011

Dear o dear

I tried the link on my last post , apparantly it didn't work . So, a quick root around my files for the pattern . Here goes I hope this gets you there

Twice in one day

.Saturday is the day I sit and read the newspaper and the T,V magazine and any other mag,. that takes my fancy . Then about 4 pm in the afternoon I start to feel guilty for sitting around . Well my guilt trip today pushed me to finish this bag . It is a pattern sold PDF on the site

The patterns are also available from some patchwork shops in the U,K

The pattern can be multiplied for quilts , and wallhangings ,book covers .

The scrappy bee: New Post

The scrappy bee: New Post