Monday 16 June 2014

Clickety Click

This matinee jacket is for a new kid on the block when it chooses to join us .
A little girl was booked to arrive last Tuesday but at the present time hasn't decided to yet.
again I used King Cole yarn. Melody , a shaded yarn 2,99for a 100 gr ball .
The jacket used about 3/4 of the ball . Excellent value.
I am on the final stretch of finishing 2 bolero's for he 21 month old twins.
Patchwork and quilting on the back burner at present.
After burning my fingers last week they are still tender but a least they did not blister due to the fact I packed ice on the palm of my hand.


crafty cat corner said...

That is so pretty, I would never have thought of knitting baby wear in multi colour wool but it works.
Makes me wish I had babies to knit for.

Karen said...

I like the shading in this darling little sweater.

Barb said...

sooo adorable

margaret said...

very pretty, the Mum is going to be busy with 3 under 2 don`t envy her. Good to read the fingers are recovering, so easy to burn oneself on a cooker, I am always catching below my thumb on the wire rack in the top over

Chris H said...

Awwww Kathleen that is just adorable! I hope that little girl arrives soon to wear it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little jacket!