Thursday 29 August 2013

Time Check

I went to bed early . My thumb with the wasp sting was so painful and still is I might add .
I woke up , looked at the clock . Five minutes past five ! thats o,k . I'll lie a little longer and get up . It will soon be light . About half hour passed , I thought oh, well , rain was forcast it will be a dark morning .
I went in the shower, got dried put on my bath robe and made a cup of tea .
I looked at the clock , Oh no ! 2.15 am . The first time I looked at the clock musy have been 1.25 ,I mistook it for five past five .
So! I'm sitting here looking at blogs in the middle of the night ,hand still throbbing with pain . I looked on the internet to see if a wasp can sting more than once and yes it can .
I was dead heading the flowers of the picture I am showing . I had the dead heads clutched in my hand so this little creature felt well and truly trapped .
I heard the milkman arrive , he does come in the middle of the night . I was making my cup of tea . He could not miss seeing me in the kitchen , probably thought  I wonder what this old biddy is doing at this hour .
Ohwell! I'm too much awake to go back to bed now so magazine reading will be nice.
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About 2 hrs ,. ago I was stung by a wasp on the thick part of my thumb , it is still throbbing , even my thumb nail is painful . I rang bluebell to enquire what to put on it ( she was stung a couple of days ago ) . she was so kind saying  , that will teach you to garden without gloves on .

 My son spent a few days with me last week . He painted my kitchen dresser , and my kitchen , cleaned the fascia boards outside , and spread  a ton of pea gravel on my front garden to top up the exsisting lot , I have 1 wall blue , 1wall pale green and 2 walls yellow in the kitchen , it was previously all white . Thank you Peter .

I put vinegar on the wasp sting , I wish I had some chocolate to eat .

Bluebell took me to our machine man after we had been sewing . All fixed again now . Best sewing machine repair man in the business . Supreme sewing machines , Leicester . Thank you Steve

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Final 4

This is the last four pictures of the Indian quilts. I like art quilts and I liked the simplicity of the Indian quilts .
I have a problem with my Bernina machine . I had been doing free machine quilting . When I had finished the button to bring the teeth back up is jammed . I hate anything to go wrong with a machine . I could do with a fairy to blow some lucky dust .
I made my beetroot chutney. I added a bit of this and a little of that . It tastes o'k but I hope it keeps .

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Episode 2

I'm showing you 5 more of the Indian quilts from the Festival of Quilts on show at the NEC last month ..
For the story of these quilts please read my yesterday blog.I have more of these quilts to show you tomorrow.
Today I have been shopping with bluebell . She was out to choose curtain fabric for her new home , Harris Mansion .
She chose chintz , very pretty . There ensued much discussion and mental arithmetic but a choice was made after a lot of debate .
It started out to be a quiet day that turned a little hectic . I now have sewing on the ironing board . Beetroot on the draining board .I'm hoping to get around to making beetroot relish . I have read and re,read my cookery books , I cannot find one recipe in them for the needed recipe . I have found one on the internet but perhaps someone has a tried and tested recipe they could pass on .
I'm off now to bring some order to my kitchen
Bye , I hope you enjoy these beautiful quilts as much as I do .

Monday 26 August 2013

I said

I would show you some of the quilts that caught my eye when we went to the NEC, Festival of Quilts .
I was very taken with the colourful Art Quilts .

Sometimes it's good to break away from tradition.

I always enjoy pictures or quilts that depict houses or buildings

Pretty colours in this one . I can imagine the owner maker in a world of her own rooting through her fabric

This is the first one of a few quilts I will show you . A very interesting Indian lady was in charge of this booth . She explained to us how the ladies from a village made these quilts using only rag and fabric from old clothes or rag they found on rubbish sites . They have no machines , just a needle that is cherished and thread where they can find it .
The quilts are not for sale . In my eyes they are beautiful and priceless . I shall put the rest of these quilts on tomorrow .

Friday 23 August 2013

I have been missing from my blog for about 3 weeks . Reason being my family have been visiting .
This is my daughter in law Alison who decided she wanted to learn something new so we settled for crazy patchwork .
She got the hang of it very quickly , bright girl, and decided to make a bag from a Lynette Anderson book I had bought at the quilt show .
The piece with the cat and dog on it are the front flap of the bag . By now I should imagine it has been sitting proudly on her shoulder .
Tomorrow hopefully I will have time to show the quilts that took my fancy at the NEC Festival of quilts .
Now I'm off to sit quietly with some chocolate in my hot little hand  .

These last 2 pics,. were for another blog but popped up unannounced . I dare not cancel them in case the whole lot disappears .
I was making red onion chutney , and a pic,. of my most recent orchid .

Wednesday 7 August 2013

All in the time available

I have not blogged for several days . Too much time spent on the upkeep of the garden . This time of the year if I miss a day there would be twice as much to do the next day .
In between the garden duties or in the evening I do get a little time to sew before I start nodding off .
this mariner's compass centrepiece is on the ironing board at present . It needs adjusting a little here and there but all in good time .

I'm also hand quilting this large bed quilt . It is very similar to others I have done in the same colours but I started this about 6 weeks ago . I managed to get enough quilting done to put the binding on . It makes it more comfortable to quilt when the sides are tidier . It has a 3 rows of 4 1/2 inch sqs,. down the sides .

As a little diversion I have made this small pictorial quilt as a no brainer . I like making these little bits of nonsense .

Bluebell and me have been making these little hats as a charity thing . They will be put on top of innocent smoothie bottles at Sainsbury's . I think the date is Sept,. !st . Sainsbury's will donate 25p to age concern for every bottle sold with a hat on. I believe Boots the chemist were the sponsers last year

I do look on my garden with satisfaction but it is hard work and time consuming not least another expensive hobby


My previous blog suddenly disappeared and printed before I was finished writing . I sometimes think I don't have the time or patience to sit and blog but of course I shall still carry on .
I need a cuppa and a biscuit or two .
Bluebell and myself are off to the NEC at Birmingham tomorrow for the Festival of Quilts , Ha ! relaxevous