Sunday 23 September 2012

This bottle is my latest purchase . A nice little bit of nonsense . I like nonsense .
I have been stuck indoors all day , rain rain rain . I had such a lot planned , but I have done nothing . Well , I made pickle, it has yet to be put into the jars . I made blackberry vinegar 2 days ago . I think that is my lot for preserving . No apples or pears this year to go in the freezer . No fruit on my trees .
I have spent time again on Pinterest . It is like you have been given a pile of magazines on any subject you care to look at . 
Off now to see if I can find some T,v to interest me.    
The twins went home from the maternity hospital today . Ellie Mae has no problem identitying which is which and she is only 4 yeas old .

Tuesday 18 September 2012

I don't seem to have had much time to keep my blog up to date but I do miss keeping in contact so I will try harder . I have spent considerable time sitting in my garden just contemplating and thinking . Thinking? my mum used to say " no good thinking it will make your head swell" . I keep toying with the idea of spending the later months of winter away somewhere in the sunshine .

These teddies and a bag to put them in will be passed on to someone else who is in charge of the project of bears for african children who have had operations in hospital . I have not knitted any of these bears but bluebell and myself did bears a couple of months back . We collected these from the Fabric Guild . We left a pattern there . These were from a group called knitters and natters . 14 bears! I think that is a superb effort  . If by any remote chance anyone from that group sees this blog your bears will be collected from me this week by Elaine Capewell .

I have been anxiously waiting for my grandaughter to give birth to twins . They arrived on Saturday . Two little girls .  Today I learned their names are Brooke and Bobby Sue .

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Work this one out

I take part in a monthly postcard swap . Unfortunately all the swaps are in far flung corners of the world . I have never had an English swap .  The postcards are p/c size , embroidered or appliqued or collage whatever method you prefer . The theme for this month is CIRCUS .
Now down to the puzzle .I took my offering to the post office to be weighed . The post lady stamps the address side of it to give it a bit of authencicity . Then on the scales . £1 .38 she says . then I slot the card into an airmail envelope .  Oh! says post lady , your sending it as a package of fabric , that will be £ 3. 80 . In that case I won't send it I said . Aye aye ! she is losing a sale . I'll send it as a letter said she . How much I ask £1.68. P/c is sent.I felt there was a bit of duplicity here . I walked home muttering . This post lady has only been in charge a short while . I will not send anything else from her post office .I do send parcels and packages quite often but out of interest I'll take my custom elsewhere .

This is a picture of my money plant . Is it losing it's powers.

Monday 3 September 2012

So Busy but loving it

What a messy work bench ! but cutting squares is a messy job , I have been cutting various size squares for 2 weeks .starting with 2" and progressing up to 4 1/2 .  The size I use most . 2" are useful to use as sashing between blocks . I know it is easier to join strips and cut to the desired size but these are odd bits of fabric I'm cutting . It isn't a pleasant occupation but at least it makes use of the odds and ends .

This is my long arm quilter , not a super duper swish model but it does the task . It is for my own use I don't do machine quilts for anyone as a means of earning .
I have spent a lot of time looking at Pinterest . I find it fascinating seeing other crafts . I think it is a gem of a site . I put my own stuff on there too .It's fun
Bye for now , I'm off to have my lunch .

This is one of my cottage quilts . This was sold last week . Off for lunch now , Bye .