Wednesday 16 May 2012


One of my lovely blogging friends Chris of Diet Coke Rocks suggested I could pretty up the bra I bought yesterday with lace .
Well the said bra,. comes up to my neck and it almost covers the enchanting spare tyre I carry around my midriff . If I put lace on I will most likely look like one of those old ladies pictured in lavender and lace adverts .They wear a lace ruffle around their neck , half lens specs,.and a condescending smile .

Did your mum ever say  "make sure you have clean knickers on in case you get run over"?  Well please don't let me get run over while wearing this  Doreen Bra .

Blubell and I recounted the Bra,. saga at the hairdressers yesterday . As soon as we mentioned  shopping for the said garment a loud collective groan went up .Every one told of their own horror story .


Piece by Piece said...

I was in Victoria Secret's on Saturday, they have some beautiful bra's, all the colours of the rainbow.
I also looked at the panties, if you can call them that. A piece of fabric the size of a postage stamp and some lace. Can they really be comfortable?
It seems the less they cover the more expensive they are.
I guess to can tell how old I am--over the hill and sliding down fast. LOL

Chris H said...

Sounds like it's a 'hide it' type bra then!
What a shame.

HEY... why not "bling" it up and wear it on it's own!

NO... maybe not eh? lol

hee hee... I'm having fun trying to think of ways to pretty up ya bra!

Lace inserts?
applique flowers around the top?
Iron on crystals...OOOO BLING!

Ha Ha Ha.