Monday 28 September 2009


Shopping day today, It was lovely not to have to buy a huge amount . The two freezers are full and so is the store cupboard , but neverthe less we went up and down ,in and out , round and round . My poor toes felt crushed .

Standing in the car park bluebell saw me fiddling with the zip of my cardigan . "what are you doing " she ask . " I,ve caught the zip, and it won,t move I replied" "come here ", she said, next thing I know Swoosh ! she,d released the zip and her arm came up so quick it was only a bit of ducking and diving that saved me from having a right uppercut to the chin . for seconds we were both srartled and then almost collapsed laughing .

Another funny incident last week at the garden centre . We went to get winter pansies for my baskets . bluebell was holding the tray saying "have one this colour ,and have a yellow one , and here,s a purple " I looked at the selection she was choosing , " I would like some tweed ones "I said meaning multi colour . A man and wife were nearby also choosing pansies , he sidled up to bluebell and said "which are the tweed one,s " when she explained he said" I,ve never heard them called tweed " so we had a giggle and a joke with them . He went on his way asking "will you be here next week"

Sunday 27 September 2009

Perfect way to end the week

The charity event bluebell and myself supported on Saturday was very well organised . I was apprehensive thinking will people turn up on a Saturday afternoon , but people supported the charity well . You could not fail to enjoy . A four piece music group , absolutely fabulous , I could go over the top about the girl vocalist but that would be unfair to the others . She sang popular tunes from popular artiste , so good I honestly thought it was c,ds being played .

The bed topper I,m showing here I sold for £45 . Yes I know it is cheap but I had pleasure making it , and I,m sure the lady who bought it will enjoy using it .

bluebell had her road directions written down on how to get to the venue, "what,s the name of this road coming up, " she would ask ! fancy asking me ,! I have 3 different eye problems and have difficulty seeing stuff more than 12 inches away , well , I can see stuff but not road names in the distance.

On the way home bluebell took me to the fish and chip shop . It was like food from heaven . I sat in my kitchen scoffing with joy in my heart , didn,t feel so joyful at 1 in the morning though .

Today I had time to do things I,d put aside . I,ve roasted tomatoes ,onions and herbs for future meals of pasta . I also got around to sorting out one of my freezers , there sure is a lot of stewed fruit in there . I was given a pot of home made Pesto at the charity fair , it was absolutely delicious, Rocket and cashew nut, I think I tasted a hint of garlic too . I will never buy commercial pesto again . I intend to look on the internet for recipes . there were about 4 different kinds on the stall . I love tried and tested recipes , so please pass your well used ones on to me . bluebell says I,m a foodie , she,s right , but I like good quality food I make at home , having said that I,m now off to make a coffee walnut cake while the oven is still warm from doing the tomatoes.

Friday 25 September 2009

Scissor Fob

My friend Judit made a scissor fob like this and kindly passed the pattern to me, isn,t it pretty?
Today I,m mooching about waiting for a man to come and replace something to do with the boiler . I dare not go far in case I don,t hear the door bell . You know how it is when your waiting, wandering aimlessly , hand in the biscuit jar, another cuppa to pass the time, cannot settle to do anything useful . I could do some ironing , or sewing, or by looking around some much needed dusting and polishing .
We had a merry afternoon at the sewing group yesterday, lots of laughing . I wonder if the rest of the group would sit po faced if we were not there . I took my shabbyroses block to do then found I didn,t have my embroidery threads with me . bluebell knows I get restless with nothing to do so we left early and went grocery shopping . We got some superb large Spanish onions so I,m now going to prepare my lunch , cheese and onion sandwiches with a side salad of red pepper and cucumber salsa .
This is the site of Judit for the scissor fob--Http://foltmorzsak,

Thursday 24 September 2009

Gimme a break ,please

Sew much to do, sewing for bluebells charity do , baking cakes, shopping for stuff to add some thing a little different to the stall . It,s the first time doing a craft stall for bluebell, I have done craft stalls before . I hope she will not be disappointed , if the weather is fine people do other things, like stay in the garden or go off for the day with the family, lets hope support for a good cause will triumph .
Off to our sewing group this afternoon . Silver sewer just rang , she has had a break from her usual routine and feels better for it , it seems all is well with the day.

Saturday 19 September 2009

Missed off

New Bag

Hello all my lovely friends, I haven,t been blogging for a week now,I just could not get going this last week , I was tired . Don,t know why, but I ,m ready to face the daily grind again
This is a bag I have been working on . self praise no recommendation but I think it is lovely . I bought the pattern at the Birmingham Quilt show it has been a lot of work but well worth the time. I am going to do another using Autumn colours . It is quite big so will hold a quilt for toting around.
Bluebell and myself had a day out to Ikea on wednesday, lots of fun, we had lunch there, oh! my goodness , Peshwari chicken and rice with garlic bread . We really overdid it , we were stuffed and overful . When we got home I slumped in the chair after taking indigestion tablet .I put on the T,V to try to take my mind off my indisposition, I fell asleep in the chair and woke up 2 hrs ,. later.
I hope to resume my daily blog as from today, I have missed you all and I have a lot of catching up on your blogs. I have looked at a site this morning called---http://exhuberantcolourblogspot,com/---------very interesting, xxxx

Saturday 12 September 2009

Mixed Blessings

I have just returned from fetching my newspaper from the village shop . It,s quite a walk, I only passed 1 person .

The gardens looked superb , the sun shining, dew on the lawns , the flowers amazing , they always look so good this time of the year in their final flush . The hydrangeas starting to turn from pink to that lovely deep red .

It was peaceful and quiet, no man tinkering with a car , no fractious child needing attention .

where I live it is very hilly so as you walk along you can see houses over the rooftops of other houses . I haven,t always looked at the village with peace in my heart but perhaps I am mellowing . Today it is my piece of heaven .

I think what has made me more deeply thoughtful at present is, my sister came to see me yesterday . she brought with her photo,s of my brother aged 66 ,in hospital suffering from alziemers and cancer .I am saddened at the injustice of life . He was such a good man , honest , hard working , he loved his mum and dad dearly as well as his own family . Although he is still with us , just , I say, was such a good man because of the nature of his illness . I pray his passing will be easy . If only I could take his hand and lead him to a better place .
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Wednesday 9 September 2009


This is the little cranberry vase my neighbour Cindy gave to me yesterday, It was in an auction lot box she had, she said she doesn,t like coloured glass how could anyone not like such a sweet little vase

A bountiful day

These are the gifts I recieved yesterday, Sweetcorn, marrow, and a leek from Silver sewer . Roses, a tin of biscuits, a paperback and a tin of fudge from Cindy and John , my neighbours The apples and scabby pears are from my trees . The green jug the roses are in was a gift from Silver sewer a long, long time ago , I love its colour and chunkiness

I think I overdid the gardening yesterday , I had backache and was walking bent over, I felt and looked a bit of a wreck . When I got up today I had a word in my own ear . " pull yourself together girl, have a long shower and get the curling tongs going" it worked ! I looked good today , nice skirt and T shirt , shiny soft curled hair , nobody to see it , no one called , all say aaaaaaaaaaaahh, but I felt good,looked good and had plenty of energy
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Tuesday 8 September 2009

Please take this award

This award was , given to me last week by bluebell, she said I must pass it on so I would like these friends who visit my blog to take it
Judit, Alison, Anne, Barb, Karen, and piece by piece .
There are others but I know bluebell nominated mutual friends, having said this, these are not rules written in stone so lets have a ball, every one take it xx

Where has all the hours gone

I was up so early today, 5.30 , I got the day off to a good start. I took photo,s of dawn breaking , the sky was so beautiful , it was changing minute by minute ,I had a cup of tea and then did 3 hrs gardening, Then a neighbour popped in , long gossip, I was on the recieving end of a gift of a tin of biscuits and a box of fudge. By then it was time for lunch.
After lunch I was expecting my friend Silver sewer, we spent a lovely afternoon together,she also worked hard putting stuff on a hard drive off my laptop, she also put a header on my blog, it is a picture of a chest of drawers in my bedroom .

After Silver sewer left my neighbour called again , she had been shopping with her husband,she had previously ask did I want anything , yes, I needed creme fraiche for a cheesecake . Not only did she bring the creme fraiche but a bunch of roses as a pressy for me and a small cranberry glass vase .She said she had aquired the vase in an auction lot and didn,t like coloured glass . I am so lucky and grateful to have great friends and neighbours

Monday 7 September 2009


It was a lovely day here in England on Sunday . I sat in my garden with my newspaper when a loud roar overhead rendered the skies .

Those magnificent men in their flying machines so fast, were there 7 or 9? so fast so precise in their formation , awe inspiring , and so brave . It was a beautiful sight .

It was 12.30 just after mid day and I suddenly remembered there was an air display in a neighbouring village . it was cancelled last year because of bad weather.

Three cheers for these men who keep us safe if need be . It all happened so quick.

When I lived in Cyprus,Thursday was the day of air practice with helicopters. There are military bases in Cyprus . I would sit on my balcony watching the helicopters swooping and turning in the sky . Happy days for me.

Friday 4 September 2009


I have been very busy happily sewing like crazy,I will post my sewing next week when I can get it all together.

Meanwhile ,this is a piece of applique I have done as a gift for a friend. It,s to go across the pillow end of a quilt and will be collected tomorrow.

I look forward to being in touch with my friends again soon . I miss you all .

I saved alife

I went for a stroll in my garden and saw this bee floating in a bucket of rain water, he was barely moving . I fished it out with a piece of broken plant pot and laid it on the warm pebbles . It was quite still , I sat watching it for a while ,then suddenly it moved,then crawled a few steps , I think it was just basking in the warm sunshine. It then fascinated me by drying itself by bringing its legs or arms over its body, then under its body . By the time I got my camera it was almost dry and quite fluffy again . After about 15 mins it suddenly flew away . I must have been mean,t to walk in the garden at that time to rescue this little creature. It made me feel quite happy to have saved its life.
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