Thursday 3 May 2012

Shoes to dance in

Shoes to dance in?  I don't think so , but crtainly the most comfortable shoes to walk in .
This morning Bluebell and myself decided we just couldn't sit watching the rain any longer so decided we would do a little light shopping .We called in M/S for lunch , a jacket potato with cheese and salad and coffee . All tanked up with energy we browsed the rails , tried on some per una sale stuff . Absolutely nothing fit right , where do they get this stuff from . The skirts I tried on ! lovely fabric but size 16 had size 12 waistbands . bluebell fared no better . We moved on the regular merchadise .I bought a polka dot T/shirt and 2 pair of shoes .

We also called in Smiths books and made a purchase in there

Just in case the weather doesn't improve I have plenty to read . I shall now browse the blogs .


Elizabethd said...

Agre with you about M and S sizing. I have found that two pairs of jeans apparently the same size, can be quite different. Very annoying.
Love the red shoes!

Piece by Piece said...

Glad you had a great day dispite the rainy weather.
I often wonder about the sizing of clothes too. It can't possibly be our bodies have changed that much since we were 30? LOL
I also love those red shoes, just click them together Dorothy and you will be in OZ.

Diane said...

Sizing e=was far better when we made our clothing in this country - bring back British Manufacturing i say! xxx

cottonreel said...

Yes, yes , yes. My city of Leicester was a manufacturing city , Shoes and all the well known names in clothing also wool spinning and dying and hosiery . We HAD it all