Wednesday 4 July 2018

A full day

Another day busy, busy . I always look around the garden as soon as I’m up and about. Check plants to see if anything needs attention. If all is well then I sit to have tea and think about the day .
I knew I was going shopping with a neighbour so no hanging around first thing .8.45 we were on our way. 10 .30 back home , mission accomplished. A few minor chores around the home , a few rows of knitting while having coffee , a chat with another neighbour and then lunch. Lunch was a one person finger buffet if you know what I mean .
I thought I might have an afternoon nap . That idea was squashed . A friend rang, I’m going to the garden centre for bird seed , would you like to come . So off we go , they didn’t have any bird seed but I did fall for the egg cup , photo below .. I fall I love with most things orange . I was treated to it so it makes it even more special.
To round the afternoon off we had tea at a vintage tea room . Lovely ,perfect day

Tuesday 3 July 2018

Late but ! ...

The hour is late but I must let people know I have not give up .I have had on unusually busy weekend . I’m not complaining , it was good.Out for a meal twice, visited an open garden.
I’m a gardener myself but picked up no tips from the garden we visited. It was just wild , nothing at all

Sunday 1 July 2018

It’s like swotting for an exam

Little by little and by poking my nose in other blogs I might slowly be getting the hang of blogging again but it isn’t going to happen over night. Things have changed, formats are different .Dare I say it , things seemed easier way back then.
I have stated my problem in a ptevios post . I went from a laptop to an iPad . I changed my address etc,. Then it all started getting complicated. I gave up and went to f/ book . F / book is good for keeping in touch with family, it’s convenient but a blog has more depth, it seems to me like you are getting in touch with a personal friend.
I have left comments but I’m not sure if I have gone about it the right way, only time will tell.
Thank you Pattypan and Marty Mason,.
Any one have a good carrot cake recipe ?


Thats another post lost . Each time I have pressed publish a yellow missive comes up and my post disappears
Goodnight xx

Oh dear

I wrote a post and it’s gone floating somewhere . I know post doesn’t disappear permantly . It might pop up . I obviously didn’t press the correct place to post it . Never mind I will try again tomorrow. Meanhile thank you Pattypan and Marty
Anyone have a good carrot cake recipe?

Still shouting help

I’m trying to resume blogging after a long absence I just wrote a blog speaking for contact. Please leave a comment for me . I will then know I’m not just floating in cyber space
Bless you
Must not give up
I really want to get my blog going again .I wrote my blog every day a few years ago . I then changed from a laptop to an iPad and for what ever reason I could not get my blog going again although every thing was still on screen.
Please will someone read my plea for contact. I shall spend time today looking down the side of my blogleaving little messages hoping I will be remembered and brought back into the fold
I’ve just had two happy days with my family , will someone make it a hat trick
Bless xx