Tuesday 22 October 2013

Out of Action

I have been out of action and off the radar for a few days .
Today I decided to check my emails only to find BT yahoo page for emails has changed . It's a new set up it says .
I followed the instructions , I got my inbox but within less than a minute it disappeared , now I cannot get it at all .I cannot find it again , has anyone else the same problem or had the problem and solved it .
Back to my blog . Before I was indisposed I collected my crab apples . Washed and boiled I used my method of hanging the pulp to drain . My method being to leave hanging from my ironing board overnight .

This is the result .

I made another bag , these are the two pocket panels .The bag is now complete and waiting to be collected .Nothing else to report at present . I did finish a bed quilt I had been working on  , I will show it tomorrow .
Bye for now

Thursday 10 October 2013

Dog Days of Summer

This morning , the first frost . Not enough to do damage but a reminder to    move anything precious .
I thought you might like to see my garden in the closing days of Autumn .
This corner was set up this year on my patio . There is a sheltered fish pond behind the plants with 8 goldfish .

This basket still has a few plants with blooms .

The Lavatera  and Japanese cosmos are still flowering .

Along this border I have planted lots of Tulip bulbs

Still catching the sun here

The smell from the Allysum in this pot is almost overpowering . More than it has been all year .

Still crab apples on the tree .
I still have a few more bulbs to plant , there is still time while the soil is warm , and hopefully before the frost beats me to it .
Off to sew with friends this afternoon .

Sunday 6 October 2013

The last of the summer flowers . They might last perhaps 2 days but I'm not good at throwing them away while there is still life .

On my last post I said I would show another bag I had made . In all I made thee of these bags .
I'm showing it from 4 sides
Today I have planted 100 tulip bulbs . Planted wallflower and pansy plants , and daffodil bulbs .  I gave them all a blanket of top soil .
Now for a shower and snuggle down in the chair to watch the results of Strictly Come Dancing . No sewing today , too achy.

Thursday 3 October 2013

As Promised

These are the pictures of my new bag .
It has a drawstring inner , a large pocket each side .
I bought the pattern last year from Button Angel stand at the Malvern show .
It's a very popular stall . I bought it as a kit . mega money ! but I am happy with it . The applique is felt . I like felt.
I have tried to show you all round it .

I have another beautiful bag , similar but much bigger . I bought the pattern from the same stall . I will trawl through my photo's . If I find it I will show you tomorrow .

Bye, It's 4,05 pm , time for a cuppa and a large slice of M/S apricot sponge roll .

Wednesday 2 October 2013

I was asked to make a quilt just to place on the bed for chilly nights , It is a piece of surplus fabric left over from curtains. It is now finished and on its way .
today I am finishing a bag . I bought the pattern last year at Malvern . It was almost finished but one of those projects that never seem urgent enough to get on with .Now tonight should see it completed .
I will show pics,. tomorrow . fingers crossed . Reason being I cannot get the curser to show on my laptop . I'm using the mouse and I'm not the best mouser .
It's a cold damp day here in the East midlands . I don't mind the rain , it freshens the ground but I'm not so keen on the cold.
Off to put the finishing touches on the bag and sit with a cuppa .
Bluebell has been so helpful this week . I lost the picture on my tv , she brought her husband to fix it , I had a stain on my carpet , she cleaned it off . I swear she is sprouting angel wings under her t,shirt .
A public thank you Jill , xx