Friday 21 June 2013

Re , cycled

I paid for a bird bath , lots of cash . They never even sat on the side of it  . It has been in my garden for 2 perhaps 3 years . They just didn't want to know .
A couple of weeks ago I decided to turn this old patio table top upside down and put water in it . I placed it in a sheltered spot . The birds love it !!
Plenty of space for a good splash . clean enough to drink .
The blackbirds in my garden are so fussy about what they eat . They love all kind of biscuits but the other day I put some Orio's out . They didn't even give them a try . I cannot complain , I don't like them either.
We have had such a lot of heavy rain again . I don't hold much hope for my small plants . Some of them were almost floating
For anyone who likes to make soft toys there is a pattern for a small dinosaur on the blog of It would be nice for a fund raiser .
Off to have my tea , spaghetti bolognaise

Saturday 15 June 2013

Questions and Answers and I want to understand and read Nina's blog

On my last blog I have a lady leave a comment .I'd like to read her blog , it looks very interesting only thing is I don't understand the language and I don't know how to put translate on my laptop . I used to have it but like many things it disappeared . I have looked at the blog and the lady's name is Nina .
Can someone tell me how to get translate .
Caz asked about the machine embroidery on my last blog . It was from my friend Elaine . She has a Bernina machine .I understand it is an old Bernina , she slots a card in it with the image on and bingo! job done .
I don't have expensive up to date machines , if I want to machine embroider I draw my design faintly on the fabric , then outline the design with a small zig zag , then go over the small zig zag outline with a closed zig zag moving the fabric with the feed dogs dropped and the designed fabric clipped into a hoop . Takes a little getting used to doing but well worth the effort to try .
All you need is a machine that does a zig zag stitch and most machines do .
Eleven o clock , coffee time  , Bye .

Friday 14 June 2013

I'm such a lucky sew and sew

 I have had such a happy day
Silver sewer came to have lunch with me after leaving her car at the garage for it's MOT . She bought these pretty white Alstromeria flowers for me . So pretty sitting on my desk . I'm not sure of the spelling but it's near enough .
Then more happiness , Elaine had been to a  machine embroidery workshop , she had several pieces to show me . She had done this orange butterfly for me knowing I like the colour orange and butterflies .
This last few days I have had a Magpie parading around my garden . Do they say one for sorrow ? Oh dear!! Perhaps if I say good morning Mr magpie all will be well .
We have had such a lot of rain for two days . Peonies are dashed to the ground  , Lettuce seeds I put in must have been washed away .But I have two bridal bushes that look superb . I noticed a hole in the coleus , out came the slug pellets . I don't like using them but I cannot let my hard work in the garden be gobbled up overnight .

Sunday 9 June 2013

I did manage some sewing today .
6 pedal pushers completed for the little people .
It's worth clicking on the PPs to look at the fabric , carrots , potatoes and mushrooms .
I made PPs for them last year also . They served double duty as pyjamas . I thought I would send a couple of T shirts to complete the gift .
I did just one urgent gardening job today , I had to cut old wood out of one of my Hydrangeas . I had back ache before I started so the rest of the day was uncomfortable .
I seem to have developed a cold , my own fault  . I'm an early riser and I go around my garden still in my nightie checking the fish pond and enjoying the early morning freshness , probably be better tomorrow .
I'm off for the last cuppa of the day .
Make  sure you find time to smell the Roses , mine are just coming into bloom .

Saturday 8 June 2013

My garden is starting to pay dividends for all the hours I spend weeding , I still have lots to do . There are small plants waiting to be planted out .
Still too cold .
No matter what , this afternoon I am going to sew . I shall not go into the garden .

Sunday 2 June 2013

Friday , the last day of May was a lovely day for me .
During the day 3 friends came calling . I had lunch with Silver sewer , she came with a gift of plants .We had a nice morning chatting  .
As Anne was leaving another fiend came with a gift of patchwork magazines and shortly after bluebell arrived to take us both off to the hairdressers .

After haircut and eyebrow shaping for me and a trim for bluebell we called in a new teashop for afternoon tea . Tea and egg custard for me , tea and a cup cake for bluebell . Her cupcake was a very scrumptious looking affair . Piles of confection on top and 2 jelly hearts ,one was passed over to me . I have never had an egg custard tart with a jelly sweet on top so that was a first .

Then off to browse in 2 craft shops , no purchases this time .
Then on to a very select fruit and veg shop to make purchases.

Such a lovely sunny day and a nice way to end the month