Thursday 28 February 2013

Last year I printed the free BOM from Craftsy .I always wait until I have the full set before I start then I can decide on the fabric , also it seems a long winded prject waiting each month. I decided on Tuesday to make a start . I'm showing here 8 of he blocks , I have since done 2 more . There are 20 in the set . Although I have completed half the blocks I'm sure they will be a little more complex as I go along .
I'm not a fan of sampler quilts but this one looked interesting . For anyone fancying doing a sampler quilt it's still on Craftsy ,and it's free

Not sure if you can see there is a mouse here eating the crumbs that the birds left . The blackbirds are ground feeders and like their morning feed on the patio . from now they will have to use the bird table . I don't know if it's the same mouse but his happens every year.
I'm off now to browse Pinterest . Does anyone know how to add the pinterest button on the blog , I haven't been able to add pins since the blogger set up was changed . I do have 70 boards on there if you would like to take a look . Name Kathleen Solomi

Sunday 24 February 2013


I'm very fond of the colour orange , I also like using yellow and black . Yesterday was a sort of no go day so perfect for doing this quilt . The yellow and orange put a little spice into my day .
The fabric was a 1/2 jelly roll . I find jelly rolls nice to use , the colours have been co,ordinated so no scouting around for matching  pieces .

This is the backing fabric , perfect . Also I like using patterns with houses .

I machine quilted the 3 long brick panels but I shall be hand quilting the rest . I have yet to decide what to do . I plan to applique down the sides . You will be seeing this again when it is finished .It is still very cold here in England . We did have a beautiful sunny day earlier in the week . I was able to sit outside with my crochet .This last few days my fish pond has lots of ice on top . The fish are well under the board that I  use to cover half the pond . I 'm so looking forward to Spring

Saturday 16 February 2013

Glory Be

Today the sun has had his hat on , It gave me the impetus to get moving . Washing , a little housework , shopping with bluebell and gardening this aftenoon .
No more time to spare , I have to tussle with the duvet cover ,oh! but it will be lovely , fresh bed linen, and I starch my pillow cases , I love the feel of starched pillowcases .
Off for my tea , a very happy bunny today and we are told more sunshine tomorrow
Bye for now

Friday 15 February 2013

I haven't been writing my blog for well over a week . When we get towards the end of the winter my enthusiasm for all sorts of things starts to flag . I sit around reading and doing a crossword . I like to sit in the conservatory if the sun is shining .
These brave little flowers are the only blooms in my garden but hopefully if the sun shines this weekend I will be able to tidy bushes and cut dead looking plants back .
I have sewn my postcard swap now , I have been puzzling for days  . The theme for this month was memories . I found it a difficult challenge . Then decided on  a winter scene . One for my own small collection and one to send to Australia . .  I did make a bag for a friend called the Angel in the garden . It's a bag with a lot of applque . It took 3 weeks to do a little each day . I finished it on Wednesday . I have been doing more quilting on my zig zag quilt . I'm hand quilting it intensley so it will be nice to look at . I have also almost finished a christmas wallhanging that has a lot of work . I made one , my son liked it so I made another one for myself .
In between every thing else I have some crochet on the go and Enlish paper piecing hexagons
If the sun shines I can get quite a bit done here and there . If it's cold and dull it's a no go day . Here's hoping for sunshine .

Saturday 2 February 2013

Bit of a Tizzy

I have no idea what is happening inside my Laptop . I just switched on to look at my last post thinking someone might haveposted a solution to getting into my emails . I find my header has disappeared , I am looking at a post dated April 12th 2012 ??????
Does this mean the last 10 months of my life hasn't happened yet .????
I'm posting an old picture , I'm looking forward to the spring . It is a nice sunny day today so a bit more spring cleaning and throwing out to be done .