Thursday 28 June 2018

New day , on the road again

  • I’m having to learn how to blog again . I used my blog every day when I had a lap top, then I went on to my iPad .My troubles began . New address. That was o k but every thing concerned seemed to like my old address. After several attempts to get my head round logging again I think I have it sorted.
  • I do hope eventually to resume friendship with the many lovely bloggers that were my companions.
  • On blogger I visited their homes, gardens and even peeped into their personal life occasionally but best off all we shared our love of crafts . We ooo,d and aaahd over each others accomplishments 
  • Please if anyone would like to help me build up a circle of friends again I will do my best to answer and follow you xx

Help is any body there?

Is sweetblondieblueeyes there, if so, please get in touch.