Friday 30 December 2011

Almost Gone

We are almost on the end of the old year . It doesn't seem so long ago that I was standing on a hill in Cyprus welcoming in the year 2000 . It seems like yesterday .

Tomorrow I hope to get rid of baggage that I have been harbouring as sentimental . Some stuff has to stay , the ties are still firmly knotted .

If it's a fine day the task will be easier , I always find more energy when the sun is shining . It gives me more incentive to declutter.


Wednesday 28 December 2011

Time to Wish

Time to wish everyone a wonderful , happy and healthy forthcoming New Year .

I love New Year , clearing away christmas regalia , the anticipation and hope that all will be well .

Today I have been catching up on housework after being away from home and spending time with my family . I had a lovely time seeing new places , visiting old haunts and generally celebrating christmas in a different way than I have before .

I'm sitting around the house today catching up on old newspapers .

Sunday 18 December 2011

BARB O sos

I cannot leave anything on your blog

Saturday 17 December 2011

This is my Swedish tree on the kitchen windowsill . Bluebell's husband Tony made this tree last year. It's cute , I love it

The dining end of my kitchen . The dresser arrived this morning . my christmas present to myself .

The christmas cake sitting in the middle is a present from Bluebell . Lovely

Another Tree

And this is the tree in my conservatory resplendant in Purple and Silver
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The treein the Hall

This tree decorated all in red greets me with warmth and cheerfulness after I have been shopping in the cold,cold, cold
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Santa Baby

So many Santa's , I think they are using my home as a depot

One of my trees

This is the tree in my sitting room , I tell it it's beautifuleach time I pass it
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Tuesday 13 December 2011


There are blogs showing crochet and lace . I love crochet and lace , in fact anything that relates to an era that seems to be slipping away .

I buy vintage bed linen from a lady that sells .

This is a pair of pillow cases I purchased about a month ago . The pillow cases are well used but the crochet has stood the test of time .

This is a pair of pillow cases I'm using at present . Never ever would you find these in a commercial shop .

Just look , at the depth of the crochet on the next pillow case

Here I'm showing the pair I,m using. Later I will show my own crochet . I really like doing Filet , but it is not so easy to get new patterns . Over the years I have let my patterns be borrowed , sadly never to have them returned .

There are magazines a little more available since shabby chic and vintage became popular but they are expensive . I do have knitted lace too .

When living in Cyprus I used to buy Lefkara lace . It is not lace in the meaning as we know it but really counted thread . Still very beautiful though .

Sunday 4 December 2011

A Hat Trick

Here in my part of the world 3 of anything is referred to as a hat trick .

I like to do big flower arrangements . I'm often on the look out for tall vases with a 3" neck space . Most times in the charity shops I don't find anything suitable but this week ,a hat trick , I got three .

The oriental pattern one cost £10 , More than I would usually pay for a vase but it is nice .
The blue and white vase £2 , it has 2 chips on the lip , no trouble , they won't be seen . The green one £2,95 . from the Heart foundation shop . Result ? one very satisfied woman

Friday 2 December 2011

and there is more

So many mishaps this week , I'm almost afraid to get up in the morning .

Earlier in the week I dropped and broke a crystal candle stick . I was very fond of that ornament .

I also broke a tooth . scary but now mended .

Last night I decided my dinner would be a cheese omelette . The top fell off the pepper pot. All the pepper went into the eggs . I scooped it out , so that was a disaster rectified .

The week isn't over yet!!! ??

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Brave lady

I'm giving myself this bunch of roses because I have been brave at the dentist .

I broke a tooth . I was very nervous . I knew that when I mentioned it to bluebell she would whisk me off to the dentist . She takes no prisoners .

She was right , get it sorted , now , immediately , chopchop, yes maam .

Thankyou Jill .xx

Friday 25 November 2011

Beautiful day here in my part of England , cold but sunny . I have spent most of the morning sitting in my sunny conservatory reading quilting magazines, putting book marks in all that interests me . Who am I fooling, If I lived forever I would never get every thing made butwe can dream.

When I visited the Malvern quilt show in May I bought a frame to do long arm quilting . It's not a top of the range affair but it makes machine quilting so much more easy .

I also bought a Juki machine with a bigger space under the arm . The frame and the machine are a pleasure to use . I am now getting familiar with he speed of the machine and I have brainwashed myself in the order of use .

Before I had these two items I did a lot of hand quilting . A grandmother's garden quilt like the one I have completed this week would have taken me many weeks to complete .now , things are so different .

I do not begrudge one penny spent after all it is my hobby and we all know it is not cheap to have hobbies these days .

My set doesn't have a pantagraph but I'm getting adept at keeping the pattern regular enough to be pleasing .

Thursday 24 November 2011

Woe is me

I thought this afternoon I would send emails and do a little blog browsing .Well it's think again . The email page has altered , I have tried sending an email , it says , no such person or whatever .

I had trouble getting into my blog . I think I need a cuppa , pityI don't have any cake , I need a large slice .

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Bejeweledquilts by barb: HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKGIVING~~~

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in England but we love to read about it on the blogs .

Thank you for sharing all you do and the unstinting information you share .

Monday 14 November 2011

A STAR *********

I have a boiler that is temperemental . First sign of cold weather it packs in . Every year . It's about 4 yrs,. old , not a great age for a boiler but then , these days , how long are things suppose to last?.

Tonight it decided winters coming . The radiators were cold . With a sigh and a heavy heart I rang the plumber and left a message on his answer machine . Half hour later he rang me back . I explained I had a red light flashing on the alarm signal . "Tell me what the thermostat looks like and the name on it ." I duly followed his instructions , "Mmmm said he, have you any AA batteries " Yes I had , he explained where I had to dismantle it to replace the batteries . Hey bingo the heating came on . This man is a star . any other plumber it would have been a call out charge , a bit of head shaking , looking puzzled and then a hefty bill . Not so with Mr Ian Marriot his white van is always in our small village looking after our needs . I didn't even know the thermostat had batteries in . Once again I'm a happy woman .

HEE, HEE !!!

I just saw this caption on PICKLEDISH . How true .

I have just found the B,O,M I want to do next . It is called Birdie Stitches and is on the blog------------- LittleMiss Shabby . If you look down the sidebar on the right you will see where you can print off 11 months blocks . Final one Dec,. 1st .

Thank you Corey Yoder .

Sunday 13 November 2011

Mellow fruitfullness

It's been a lovely weekend for me . Yesterday there was that lovely Autumn smell in the air , decaying leaves that only a week ago the leaves were still on the trees in Autumn spledour

Today, sunshine . It was warm , I decided to take advantage and do washing . Not a usual activity for Sunday , it did not dry . There were bees about , a very big one kept settling on my white duvet cover and then another bee, species unknown .

I'm now going to settle in my chair . I shall be trying to put my sewing patterns in order . I do get waylayed looking for patterns in disorganised files so often saying to myself when I find a long lost design Oh! thats where it is . Order reigns again .

Friday 11 November 2011

Where I live the weather has been damp and cold , the sort of weather to sit and sew .

I decided to make smaller quilts , these are they . Sunbonnet Sue and Farmer Sam . Such an old pattern but still a favourite of mine and a chance to use scraps of fabric .

Thursday 3 November 2011

Bluebell and myself set off to go to the NEC today . First visit to the Crafts for Christmas .

We were so disappointed , The biggest majority of stalls were for card making . A craft neither of us do .

A few speciality food stalls.

Back home to sit in the chair and snooze.

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Information needed *******

I had such lovely comments on my last blog .

Sometimes I feel I,m in a rut with my sewing , patchwork and quilting then a positive comment is made , and I feel encouraged to proceed .

The information required ? Does anyone know where I can purchase small amounts of velvet ,satin , and what I call precious fabrics .

I passed my stash to a new beginner because I felt I was using the same fabric over and over but I now need to re-stock .

If you look at these quilts you will perhaps see the kind of fabric I need . I am not asking for freebies .

This is a photo of shirts that I cut to make quilts . I usually pay approx £3 for a good shirt .

Satin and lace I have been buying from a lady called Jennifer Trollope . Her bags of fabric were called Rich Pickings and cost £4 per bag . When I went to Malvern last week Jennifer said her supply had dried up , there would be no more . Such sad news to me .

This is a picture of a previous shirt quilt that is now in my son's possesion .

If anyone has shirts they no longer need I will buy them and pay postage . I live in the UK.

Monday 31 October 2011

If I wasn't so nosey !!

I switch my lap top on every day to see what is happening in the world .

I first check my emails . Then check on information if there is something I need to look up .

From there I look at the blogs . Usually I scroll down the blogger dashboard . It's then that I forget time . So many interesting blogs to read . Wonderful crafted items being shown with so much information on how things were made , and what materials were used .

After a time I realise I must close down and get on with my housework ,my garden or my sewing . I find I do not have time to write in my own blog or to answer snail mail letters . I have at least two friends that don't use a computer ,so I have written letters through my post box . This is lovely , much more informative and newsy but it means I have to reply using pen and paper and a trip to the post office .

When not being nosey I have been sewing .

I'm showing you a bed quilt made from men's shirts and bits of floral patchwork fabric cut into 3 1/2 " strips . I needed to practice using a quilt frame I purchased at the Malvern quilt show last May .

It isn't one of the super duper frames with a machine and set up that produces a regular pattern all over . It can have a laser attached so a regular design can be followed but I have to get used to controlling the speed of the machine . All is gradually coming o,k .

The quilt I'm showing has all kinds of swirls and wiggles as a practice piece but hey! no one is giving out awards so it doesn't matter . It has been admired and I'm happy as a novice user . It is the second quilt I have quilted on the frame . I know my next attempt will be a big improvement

This picture shows the back of the quilt with it's catalouge of squiggles and swirls

This reverse side could even pass for a quirky wholecloth

Friday 21 October 2011

The best holiday ever

Anyone reading my blog will perhaps remember I had a holiday this year with my son David.

This is not David but a bar manager where we had our pre dinner aperitif . What a charmer, from Brazil .

If I have the chance I shall be on the high seas again . Just floating along without a care in the world away from whatever is happing in the world outside .

This was my home for 12 days . The Costa Pacifica . We did leave the ship to visit several biblical and historical countries .

Sadly we were ushered along . you need time to think and soak in the atmosphere , importance and meaning of what you are seeing . A tourist guide is very good at explaining what you see but I think you need to stand back and feel more deeply. I think the only way to appreciate historical biblical places like Jerusalem and Bethlehem and

Rome is to wander freely amongst the people who live there .

I was quite happy to make my home here for my stay

This was my first glimpse approaching the ship for my cruise of the Med,.

Saturday 15 October 2011

A very nice gentleman I met in Athens ,Bless him . may the pompoms on his shoes never go floppy

Can you see the resemblence ?

Where did that extra chin come from on my neck?

It is a beautiful day here in England . Today I have been for a walk . Also had my flu jab , done some gardening , a little machining .

If tomorrow is fine there will be more of the same .

Monday 10 October 2011

My new fish bowl

I was asked what a fish orb is ! Years ago we would call it a fish bowl but like everything else changes happen .

The fish bowl as we had as children is not allowed anymore . You see fish at the aquatic shop and you decide I'll have some of them . The assistant says " What size and capacity is your tank" It's a fish bowl , shock and horror !! you need a bowl that filters the water and if you want those fish it will need to have a heater . There are several other criteria but I parted with my hard earned cash , chose my orb .

I had to fill with water and the ceramics ( stones to me and you ) and leave it for a week with the water . light and heater switched on to prepare and condition it for the fish . The orb can accomadate 15 fish but only 4 each week because anymore and the water will be too acidic much too quickly . So the man said .

I now have 12 fish . I could have had beautiful colours but it is diddy little silver xray tetra's that took my fancy . They are like teeny weeny sardines . Anything bigger and I would have felt uneasy being stared at . Mine are lovely , I hope they live long .

In my garden pond I have 8 goldfish . They come to the side 9 o/clock in the morning to be fed , I love to see them gobble .

I'm really a cat person but neighbours don't take kindly to cats .

Sunday 9 October 2011

For Sandie and Judith

Watch this space tomorrow , a pic,. of the biorb fish bowl.

Sunday, Sunday

I really do seem to take it literally , Sunday the day of rest but always with the nagging feeling I should be doing something .

This morning I have sat looking at my fish . I recently bought a biorb fish bowl and I,m gradually introducing 4 fish a week . When I first had it the fish did laps around the bowl in a shoal . Now I,m lucky if I see two swimming together . They seem to spend a lot of time in the stones at the bottom .

I have my sewing machine up and ready to do a little piecing . I much prefer quilting to piecing . To me thats when life comes into the quilt . I have wonderful fabric lined up and waiting but must finish a couple of other projects that are waiting .

The weather isn't very inspirational , dull and nothing at all ish . Plenty to do in the garden but I'm not looking . As soon as the frost comes and hits the plants I'll have a good clear up.

Tuesday 4 October 2011


I have been to see my doctor about the memory lapse of losing a day .
I'm quite normal although some might dispute that .
As soon as I explained he said " Oh , it's called Transient Global Amnesia " well! thats alright then . On with the day , now !!! what day is it .

It's on the internet, if you have a lapse yourself

Monday 3 October 2011


As you will know if you read my post yesterday , I honestly completely lost Sunday . This was no minor error , I truly thought Sunday was Monday and today Tuesday .

So much so I made a special point of looking out for my milkman this morning . I have 1 pint of milk Monday , same on Wed,. 2 on Friday . So, thinking this morning was Tuesday I told him he didn't leave me any milk on Monday . Me confused . he looking very confused . tells me today is Monday Oct,. 3rd . After much explaining on his part and embarrassment on mine he said "don't worry I'll keep my eye on you !!!

When relating the saga to bluebell she said " I thought it was a funny conversation we had on Sunday over the phone .

The outcome is , I am off to see the doctor 8.30 in the morning , am I worried ? you bet I am .

Sunday 2 October 2011

Yesterdays world

I,m living in a surreal enviroment today . My t,v has been useless since the change over . It is not an old t,v but it keeps saying Locked!!

Today I'm getting yesterdays programmes . Just been watching Songs of Praise , O,k , but on a Monday .?

Well !! soon be christmas

At least I'm able to leave comment on blogs today