Wednesday 24 August 2011

£1 please

Something else up . I hear today it now cost £1 to order a book from the library , even if children order.

Monday 22 August 2011


I have just been into my local shop Co,op . I live in a small village and co,op have the monopoly , 2 shops , one each end of the village .

In the section where they put reduced stuff on it's sell by date -- 2 packs fresh garden peas but not so fresh because they are on there sell by date , price, £1.55 , "how much originally " ask I , "£3 sez he ," " but it also says buy one get one free " sez I , "does that mean I can have both packs for £1.55 " " No sez he " Is this a conundrum ? am I right or is he ?

Please think about it and leave me a comment .

Saturday 20 August 2011

My beautiful Purchase

This is the fabric I bought at the Festival of quilts. If you notice the little vase of flowers has the same shades . I love colour and I,m wanting to get started on a quilt using this fabric but I must put the finishing touches to two projects almost finished . These are Rowan fabrics and when we go to the Malvern show I hope to purchase more .

At present I'm having difficulty leaving comment on blogs . Please don't think i,m ignoring you . NEVER! I love reading and being nosey as to what others are up to . I must get my laptop sericed or cleaned whatever it's called . It's slow and not doing what I ask of it .

Not only that , My t,vneeds retuning , Woe is me .

Thursday 18 August 2011

The Final Five

I do hope you enjoyed the quilts I have been showing . We could have spent lots more precious time photographing quilts but there is so much to see .

We always say we will stay overnight and do workshops too , perhaps next year .

I think this quilt is so wonderful . I am full of admiration for people who are able to do this kind of work

These arches , full of mystery , what is there when you go through?

This one again wonderful . The blossom on the tree is tiny organza flowers , each flower has 3 little beads in the centre .

I like this , I just like quilts and pictures of buildings and also the real buildings

I always raise my sight above eye level to see what is further up above the doors and windows . That is often where the best aspects of design can be seen .

Not so long age bluebell and myself looked out over the high rise car park at the roofs of the buildings in Leicester where we live . It was fascinating , try it where you live .


A good set on my crab apple jelly, clear as a bell . I have just give it a wiggle and it's gelling nicely

I like to cap my preserves when they are cold , and then the pinked circles of check fabric go on top of the lids .

There will be a jar for a neighbour who brings me all kind of goodies . These people only moved in feb,. just gone but are very giving and sharing .

A jar for a neighbour who is well in his eighties , he brings me tomatoes and lots of blackberries . Last year I told him how to make blackberry vinegar . He told me he had no colds or sore throat last winter .

Of course there will be a supply for bluebell

Now for the crunch!! the jelly is free but there is a £30 deposit on the jar .

Now this fellow , I don't think it is the same one as yesterday , It's a different shape . I almost put my foot on it . I tried to avert a squashed frog , wobbled and nearly fell over but all was safe . he jumped out of the way . Mmmm might have had frog legs for supper .

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Dripping a drop at a time

This is my heath robinson set up for letting my crab apples drain overnight . The cloths are hanging on my ironing board .

The tree is a new one this year , it yield 15 1/2 lbs of crab apples . Non for the birds this year from this tree but if they look in my back garden I shall leave the crab apples on that tree .

This is the latest little creature to take up residence in my garden

And here , another one come out of the border to sunbathe .

More Festival of quilts 4th blog


Tuesday 16 August 2011

Festival of quilts 3rd lot

This quilt is the popular Meercats . It attracted a lot of attention , eeeek

This quilt is like a floriana , really lovely , lots of colour, enlarge to see the detail

Beautiful with a hint of sadness looking at the barren landscape

Lots to look at in this quilt . Perhaps it is illustrating various festivals . I didn't have a programme so !!!

This quilt also attracted a lot of attention . I felt you could get in there . There is a woman walking her dog half way up right side

More tomorrow

Monday 15 August 2011

More Festival quilts

The quilts I'm showing were of interest to me . I hope you enjoy them too .

If you have never been to a major quilt show but decide to next year you will be astounded .

The quilts at Birmingham, Festival of quilts are so different to the quilts at Malvern . Both shows not to be missed.

I'd enjoy looking at this every day

To me , this in it's simplicity says GREECE all over

More tomorrow

Sunday 14 August 2011

Festival quilts at Birmingham UK

I'm always besotted by quilts with houses or buildings

Beautiful art deco quilt

I shall post more tomorrow

Saturday 13 August 2011

BirminghamUK festival of quilts

This sunbonnet sue is a quilt I'm working on, how did she manage to get in there ?

Bluebell and myself went to the festival of quilts last Thursday .

I shall show a few each day of quilts I found outstanding , that is not meaning I am being judgemental . To be in the show means they are worthy but impossible to film them all

Monday 8 August 2011

Full complement

The little darlings you see on my last post are now 12 pieces , embellished and ready to be sashed together . They look very pretty , hopefully it won't be long before I show you the finished quilt .

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Father time

I thought father time was an old man but I'm coming to the conclusion he can move faster than I can .

At present I seem to have just enough time for all the necessary things that have to be done .

I have spent 2 days shopping with bluebell this week though .

These lovely sunbonnet sue came to me from Barb, at bejewelled quilts . They arrived from America on Tuesday morning . I thought I would finish one to show but I sat last night and did 3 .( I had a coca cola about 8 o/clock, always gives me energy ) When I have finished the 12 I shall embroider the blocks to give more interest. Maisie Sue the 3rd one along the row already has a butterfly on her hat .

Come back tomorrow , there will be more .