Monday 31 March 2014

A few more pictures of my garden at present .
Yesterday was warm , today back to really cold

Sunday 30 March 2014

Every day I promise myself to write on my blog .  Every day I run out of time .
The garden is coming to life faster than I do /
The weather is good and warm so bushes are sprouting new shoots , some need pruning , some need moving and others need outing. I feel I'm going round in circles.
This vase of flowers have been given to me by a neighbour . It's Mothers day here in England  .  I'm not your mother I said  ,  !!!

This Magnolia was a new purchase last year .It has 4 flowers  , I'm hoping I can get it into a better shape .

I don't know the name of this plant . I have been pulling it out for the last two years but it seems to have established itself again so it can stay . I don't know the name but it is pretty, I like the colour .

I have lots of hyacinths in flower .
Perhaps you will remember I planted 100 tulips last Autumn , here are 2 pots of them . The red ones are in bud in the main part of my garden .It's very early for tulips it's usually a May flower .
As well as everything else I am walking daily . Twice today !! Doctors orders .
I have so much sewing I want to get on with , Oh dear !
I think my tea will be turning into a midnight feast .

Thursday 6 March 2014


I don't care what the weather man says . It's raining at present , I don't care .
I have a new patchwork book to read.  It is my third Kathy Doughty book and I think it is the best yet .
I would say when the weather is dismal  read a book of modern quilts .
Kathy's books are full of colour and surprises .
I know I still have strips to put together for the blue strip quilt I;m currently doing but I intend to crack on and start something from my new book .
If you like Kaffe Fassett you will also favour Kathy Doughty designs.
As I sat in the conservatory having coffee it was great to see the blackbirds being territorial .
Yesterday I did spring cleaning in my bedroom so I have no guilty conscience about sewing today .
One more coffee before I start .

Wednesday 5 March 2014


Another holiday picture .  This man is dredging for cockles . He was just one of many men in the sea doing the same thing .
They left their bicycles on the sands and left their nets at the side of the bicycles . I wonder what happened to all the cockles . I didn't see any for sale anywhere . There were lots of beautiful shells on the beach . Alison and myself bought a bagful home.  Mine will go in the garden .

Tuesday 4 March 2014

The Bug Has Bitten

At long last I feel ready to sew again .
I have not felt inclined to while the days were so dark and dreary.
I'm using my blue stash to make a bed quilt .It will be 3" strips .
I have put together 16 strips up to now , I'm aiming for 32 or more if needed .
I'm using pieces left over from other projects so it will be a freebie as far as the top goes . I have bought the backing . The batting is from my batting stash ,paid for sometime in the past.
I shall put an applique band across the top to add a bit more interest .
From the off cuts of cutting the 3" strips I have a stars and kites strippy quilt ready to make next .
Power to my elbow