Wednesday 23 April 2014

Just another day

I'm gradually getting done all that needs.
Dead daffodils removed to make way for summer planting. I shall wait a few days to let the earth settle again .
A good bucket full of weeds pulled out too . I finished making my new quilt bag. Quite pleased to see another project finished . I also knitted a sleeve for the cardigan . I shall be doing 3 cardigans in the same yarn for sisters. I have made 2 backs, 4 fronts,and 2 sleeves up to now. these will be for the twins , then a larger one for big sister.
So , another satisfying day.
Briony of http;// has shown a super wall hanging made from her odds and ends of wool . Take a peek/

Tuesday 22 April 2014

A Good Day

Yesterday was a very good day. I finished this knee blanket for a birthday gift .I made it for an elderly gentleman who has spent 6 months in hospital . That is a big slice out of life .
He sent it back home because he has had several of his possessions stolen while in hospital. His shaver , his Roberts radio and his fan . He will use it when he eventually gets home.

Tis is his blanket parcelled and tied with crochet flowers ,

I also finished a bag I was making for bluebell .She bought the pattern a long time ago but could not quite get the instructions.
It has 4 similar sides with the handles tied at the top . The handles are pinned on , they need attaching with buttons .
I am making a colourful large bag for myself . I'd like to get that finished today .
I recently discovered King Cole knitting wool.
I am knitting cardies for the little ones . It is beautiful yarn and such a pleasure to use .
I'll show that later in the week.
In the garden daffodils to be lifted and snapdragons put in .
I'm off for a late coffee, a piece of seeded bread toast too.mmm

Sunday 20 April 2014

Time to Spare

This time of the year I have very little time to spare . So much to keep up with in the garden . I'm giving serious thought to having a little help . The thought then crosses my mind that it will not be my own garden any more   .I am making two quilts from the book Adding layers but finding it difficult paying enough time to my patchwork at present ,

Also knitting going on . A neighbour gave me a large 400 gr ball of wool she had left over from her own knitting .There is enough to make myself a waistcoat for using when gardening .

The Tulips in the garden are really giving a good show so the hard work last Autumn planting them was worthwhile.They are very early flowering , May is usually the time for Tulips.

My little corner for respite.

My lunch , and very welcome too .
It is grilled Aubergine with Halloumi cheese, a few green olives and a grilled banana . Yes the banana is an unusual combo but if I eat it last it will count as my sweet course .When you dine alone anything goes .Last week I had my son staying with me for four days . Things were done in the correct order then .

More Tulips ,I love them.

Inside home at the end of the day and an Easter bouquet from the shop as a present to myself . If all goes well I might get a little sewing time , but, it is a neighbours birthday tomorrow he has been in hospital for six months and is still there . I must finish the crochet knee blanket I am making for him .

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Wood Spurge

Briony is right , the plant in my garden that I could not identify is indeed wood spurge . Thank you clever lady .
I shall have to continue to pull it out . Apparantly it spreads by rizomes .and will take over . It looks pretty but no thank you.I bought this desk last weekend so I could sit in the conservatory and machine , It's very stable , no shaking on the machine . It is made of oak .It has a little brass label on one of the drawers that reads Ministry of Defence .

I also bought a new garden seat . The old one was very dodgy , I was concerned someone would end up sitting on the floor. 
I intend to spend a lot of time this year sitting in the garden days when it is sunny.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

This is a close up of the plant I am trying to identify.
The flower sits above a rosette of leaves

My tea tonight , Spinach with black eye beans , olive oil and lemon.