Monday 31 August 2020

I wonder

 I’m  trying to find the camera icon  . I joined blog lovin thinking it would put me in touch with other bloggers. It did  . 

 Wonder if that’s why my the camera icon disappeared 

Oh dear

 I think I’ve made a booby . I signed to bloglovin  and my stuff has disappeared 

No camera icon , no pictures , nothing . I want my blog page back.

Wednesday 5 August 2020

Friends of the family

Today  I’m surfing around my blog set up .  . I have replied to two friends on their own blog but I’m not sure I’ve clicked on the right things to make them visible .
Dear Pattypan and Patricia Orrell there is a reply for you floating around somewhere

Tuesday 4 August 2020

Fingers crosse

Today I must surf around my blog to familiarise myself with the set up . I’m so pleased to have my blog active again .
At present I’m not sure if my reply comments are being passed on . It’s another bridge to cross A reply to my post will be another star on my chart .
In the past I was fascinated by people who lived off grid ,amazed at their fortitude . I loved seeing the quilts and wall hangings . When I blogged in the past crochet didn’t seem as popular as it is now  I enjoy making colourful blankets. To just add colour without any set pattern is quite liberating .
I do hope I’m in the link again xx

Monday 3 August 2020

Good morning

To wake up to a sunny morning as it is here in Leicestershire u k . Is a real pleasure .Eager to get into the garden to check for dead heads .walking among my plants starts the day with the feel good factor .
Sunday starts the week , and it started well..

Last week I bought plants from a front gate , you know , plants in the driveway of a house . The people were so interesting . We soon talked of things other than plants .The man of the house rescued my runner beans. They had blown down three times in the fierce wind we were having . I then mentioned how I used to blog but wasn’t able to after changing to the iPad . He knew a member of his family who could solve my problem . Now all I need is other bloggers to share with me xx

Sunday 2 August 2020

Today I was introduced  to a very knowledgeable young man who is very clever with internet technology . 

It is several years since I have written my blog , reason being I changed from a laptop to an iPad .Changing really threw a spanner into the works . My email address changed so I lost reconnnition 
I do hope some of  get in touch . I’m looking forward to making friends again in the world of blogging . Please even if it is just today hello xx