Wednesday 29 September 2010

Life is wonderful

Last Thursday I flew to Scotland to visit Silver Sewer and her husband , not by my own wings I hasten to add .I didn,t get off to a good start, the plane was 2 hrs late due to a hold up in France, then another short delay while we waited for a thunder storm to pass .
When I finally reached my destination and saw my hosts in the airport waiting for me I felt so sorry , they looked so cold but after warm kisses and hugs all was well .
I had the most wonderful 3 days . I was treated with love and kindness , lovely food , hot water bottles in my Oh! so comfortable bed and great magazines to browse before I went to sleep.
We went to the Edinburgh quilt show and then the next day to see the most amazing display of tapestry relating to the battle of Bonnie prince Charlie and the Redcoats . 104 panels each a metre long, . I believe they were worked between the end 2009 and july this year . (forgive me if I,m wrong) but in about 8 months , I was awestruck . If the display ever comes to where you are able to see it do go. It is called Prestapans Tapestry .
We went to a very nice place for hot chocolate and the most delicious scone I have eaten recently .
The only aspect of Scotland I had before this trip was in T,V films e,g Rebus and Taggart . I was apprehensive but where Silver sewer lives it is beautiful . Wide open spaces and the Sea! One day we went into North Berwick , it is all so magical . a great little town, It all cast a spell over me .
I have always yearned fo Cyprus but Scotland knocked it into a cocked hat .
I discovered or was introduced to scotch pies , Wow !! I have looked up the recipe on the internet , no problem there , I,ll have a go .
The evening before I came away I mentioned to S,sewers husband that my maiden name is BAIRD , a good old scottish surname , That really gave me street cred,. Silver sewers husband is a scot .
I came home very happy and relaxed . Thankyou mine hosts , I love you both .

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Sheer Bliss

Would you like an hour of oooooing and ahhhhing then take a look at this site , It,s the first time I have ever entered a give away , Ooooo ! if only

Tuesday 21 September 2010

catch up

I have been so busy I don,t know where the time has gone . I cannot even think what I have been doing .
But yesterday while pottering in the garden I cut these poppy seed heads and gave them a coat of very pale lilac emulsion , they are now added to an arrangement and very nice they look too . I think it,s difficult to say which is best ,the actual poppies or the seed heads .

they are so beautiful, this is the top of one

This is them in the arrangement

Tuesday 14 September 2010


By sheer chance I started to read the current blogs being published , yesterday I put a site on my blog saying if you are inerested in embroidery to take a look but it was a no, no .
I have just noticed this lady has put a blog on a short while ago , it is titled contemporary embroidery the correct blog is--- --------- if you click on her side bar there are some very interesting sites

Well matured

For my tea yesterday I opened a jar of chutney I made last summer , it was so delicious I could have eat it with a spoon out of a sundae dish .
Yesterday I was able to buy 4 sweetcorn for a £1 so now I,m going to make sweetcorn chutney , I don,t have a recipe , I find making chutney is using what you have , this is how I will go about it .
3 sweetcorn cobs
1 eating apple
1 large bramley
a small marrow
a large onion
4 cloves garlic
white vinegar
white sugar
a small amount of celery
some grated fresh ginger

Boil it all together until softened and thick , put it into jars when cold , stash it away until christmas.

Monday 13 September 2010

Paying a visit

I find I have not wrote on my blog since the beginning of the month . I have not been away but I have been busy and also a few ups and downs in my daily life , every one has ups and downs but I don,t usually take them seriously, simply becauase they are not serious , just little set backs and inconveniences.
I,m showing the beautiful goldfish I had nurtured and brought through the last very hard winter . About 10 days ago a heron took 7 of them . For a few days I was so sad , I still am ,they were so friendly I was really fond of those fish . I thought the heron had taken the lot but bluebell suggested we clean the pond and replensh it . This we did and to our surprise found 3 fish hiding in the plants .Very frightened .
Off we go to the aquatic centre . The size of the fish I had lost were £15 each . No , I was not going to pay that , I,m not saing they were not worth the money . They are .
I decided to have small babies and watch them grow as I had my lost ones . After lunch at the centre I came home with the plastic bag and my new fish .
I was apprehensive about putting them with older fish but up to now all seems well ..It was funny watching them . For a few days they swam in a little gang close to the big fish . The big fish didn,t seem to mind . Then it was if the bigger fish had enough of these tiddlers hanging on and chased them round a bit . I thought , this is it the little ones will be frightened ,but no , they are o,k . feeding well and not tagging on to the bigger ones any more . A happy ending to that little saga .
I have catarrh which also caused earache , headache and the discomfort that goes with it but not an excuse for not blogging . I have been cruising blogs and really enjoyed looking at blogs I had not read before . If you like embroidery in an arty way take a look at this and also other blogs on the side bar of it. I personally am always amazed at what other people do . At present I,m knitting garments ready for winter , so much more warmth in hand knitted sweaters and cardigans and they last and wash much better than shop bought stuff .
My next big hurdle is I,m tavelling to Scotland on the 23rd of this month to visit Silver Sewer . The hurdle is I have booked my flight on the internet , I have to print off my boarding pass and then confirm my flight . I have never done this before and to say I,m very unsure is an understatement .

Wednesday 1 September 2010

More tat and a bird sropping

Isn,t this sweet ? I bought it for £1 when bluebell and I went to the antiques centre on bank holiday Monday ,
I can just hear my family groaning more tat . To me it is a little treasure . I don,t collect tat .

This little golden gem is a dropping from the bird seed feeder . I pulled lots out but this one came up in clematis .


I thought you might like to see another pair of pillowcases that will be winging their way across the pond .