Thursday 25 July 2013


Re, the enquires about the Lavender .
I have put the answer on the previous post
Lovely to have interested bloggers
A picture of my Lavender hedge taken a few days ago , the bees are loving it .It's a shame I don't know where these bees live I would want to buy  jar of honey .
I have finished all the planting in my garden for this year , hopefully .
I'm hoping to get in front of the sewing machine once again , so many things waiting for a bit more work or quilting to be done . It hasn't been the weather really for sitting with a quilt or sewing on your knee but at present it is rather overcast and cool so perhaps today.
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Sunday 14 July 2013

Forgive me

Please forgive me if I have not answered your comment .
I read blogs every day but word verification does give me problems .
I have sight problems , if I stare at one thing too long I lose focus . Some are ok and I can decipher them quickly . Others! I haven't a clue and I have to give up . I personally have not had the need to add it to my blog .
The beautiful sunshine continues here in England.
I'm off now to get ready to spend the day shopping with bluebell .
I really wish it didn't include shopping for a new printer but I still have the red error light showing all the time . I don't know what else to do to correct the problem. Perhaps if I put it on the floor and kick it ?

Saturday 13 July 2013

It's been a lovely  day , I went shopping with bluebell this morning . We had coffee in Sainsbury's and a gossip. Then this evening she sent me a scotch egg for my evening meal that she had made herself . It came by courier , namely her lovely husband Tony . It was the first time ever that I have had a scotch egg . I'm wondering where that name came about

I think my printer has given up . It shows the red error light all the time . I changed all the inks  , still no go, so it looks like a new one must be installed .

It's very hot here in England . I'm not afraid of thunder and lightening but it is forcast and if it does happen it will be noisy . The air is heavy and still as if something is about to occur . No birds are singing .
I'm off for an ice cream lolly , that will be 2 today but being as it is so hot I'm excusing my being greedy .

I just cannot get around to sewing today . So reading is taking over .

It's just that lovely time of dusk , It's still and quiet , just the tinkle of the fountains in the two fish ponds.
Bye , 
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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Top day

I have had a lovely day . I used my free bus pass to go to collect new spectacles .  I boarded a bus from my village to go a few miles down the road into the next village of Newbold Verdun . There I caught another bus .This little bus took me to the little town where I was heading .It was a long journey because it travelled into the depth's of the Leicestershire countryside .
It called at a couple of small villages enroute .It was a perfect sunny day , I sat on this little bus feeling like someone out of Country Living magazine with my basket on my knee .
I had never made this trip before because bluebell usually asks do I want to go with her , then we go in her car .
people waiting for the little bus were sitting on a bus stop seat at the roadside ,just chatting to each other and including me in their conversation . They seemed to be weekly travellers on their way to market somewhere .
For me a day to cherish and something I will do again . Sitting at the bus stop listening to the ladies talking about their families , lovely .
This afternoon I was too weary to sew or do anything really .I nodded off sitting in the sunshine , I did manage to weave a few ends on my crochet . I have a small bagful of wool ends they will make a soft pincushion for a pattern I have in mind .
Bye now, time for weary world travellers to go to bed . 
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Monday 8 July 2013

This is a plant from free as advertised in the Daily Mail . it is a petunia and it complements the coleus really well .
My plants are slow , first the weather was cold , then we had too much rain , this weekend we have had blistering heat . Far too diverse weather conditions for my little plants.

I did have a lovely 3 days though over the weekend . Silver sewer came Friday .with presents of Hosta plants and 3 beautiful butterflies  she had done on her super duper embridery machine . We had a pleasant time .
On Saturday  bluebell called and off we went to the hairdressers .
Sunday is usually  gardening for me but it was too hot to do  much so, I decided to get out on my front garden 7,30 am to trim the cerasteum , some call it snow on the mountain . I could have had the job done and swept clean in 1/2 hour but people taking their dogs for an early morning walk stopped to chat but I musn;t complain  ,it's always pleasant to chat .
In the afternoon I just lazed  , feeling very snoozy but ding dong !! a neighbour called bringing me a large potted grass plant she didn't want any more because her dog took to chewing it .It was rather pot bound so it came out of it's pot to be trimmed , a little fresh soil and a good watering . It looks more lively today . he also bought some mag azines for me , knitting magazines
I must say the roses are good this year . no complaints there.
My new fish are happy and settled in their pond so all seems well .
Bluebell and I went grocery shopping as usual today. We called at the Age concern charity shop  to drop bits off but oh dear ! , there were some things I just could not leave on the shelf , namely a jug and bowl ,cream with violets on, a china cup and saucer with my birth month , and 3 very nice plant pots  
for sitting plants in .
Then off to do the grocery shopping .I did buy new place mats and coasters and 2 new cooking pans  , also 2 new water glasses , blue .   I don't plan on any more shopping this week. 
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Friday 5 July 2013

Playing around

looking at my pictures in Picassa and exploring .
On this collage is two more balls of wool for my crochet hexies, fruit I was preparing for a fruit salad at lunchtime .
The flowers in the middle of the collage had been accidently broken from the plants when weeding .
I cannot throw them away so into a milk bottle and on to my table in the conservatory .  This time of the year I love little snippets of flowers from the garden , much preffered to boquets from the supermarket .
It's been a lovely relaxing day . Silver sewer came to visit , we swopped plants , ideas and classified information . well , classified to we two .
You know how conversation goes between friends , Did you hear about !!!  well I never , who'd have thought !!

Must water the plants now , it's been a hot day , lovely .
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Monday 1 July 2013


My Hexies shown on my previous post are approx. 3" across from straight side to straight side .

The snippets of wool will go into my felt making

I'm joining my hexies with a stitch one way then going back across the seam which makes it like a cross stitch .  A nice little project to keep in your travelling bag .  If you enlarge the hexie you will be able to follow my pattern quite easy .
4 chains to form the ring
Then 12 trebles into the ring.
from here if you have enlarged the single hexie you should be able to carry on.
as the Meercats say , simple .
I have no finished size in mind , I'll just keep going when I feel like spending a few minutes with colour.  The nice thing is buying an odd ball of yarn in an outrageous colour and using odd lengths
Time for a cuppa and a biscuit .xx

Crochet Hexies

These are the Hexies I.m crocheting .
I had to devise my own way of doing them . Perhaps I'm dim , It seemed hard going trying to follow the patterns I looked up on blogland .
I'm quite happy with the method I'm doing . This will be a very long project but it 's lovely working with such a variety if colours .

This is another newly created corner in my garden . Another fish pond on my Patio .
Such a busy time in the garden that my first hobby of patchwork is being put on hold and my crochet too .
A friend called yesterday asking would I like a trip to Staunton Harold . They have a small craft centre , and also a garden centre .
I purchased a birthday gift at the craft centre and a Quince bush at the garden centre . I have long wanted a quince bush . It has 2 tiny fruits on it so perhaps next year it will fruit well and I shall have Quince jam .
my picassa isn't opening to show pictures that I want to show . I have to go open picassa , look for the number on what I'm looking for then upload it in a very round about way . drat !!
I'll upload this post and then look for the crochet hexies I'm doing .
Watch this space