Monday 7 May 2012

May day May day

Is May day the s,o,s call for trouble at sea . I'm just practising , if it rains for much longer I might have to put out a s,o,s .
I'm showing you a pic,. of a tulip in my garden , I'm wonderng is it hoping to come back as an Iris next time .
I had a lovely day yesterday . A friend who lived in Cyprus the same time as myself came to spend the day with me . She came armed with a big bag of M/S goodies . Food goodies, so my fridge and freezer are well stocked .  Bluebell had bought round to me the previous day one of her super moist Victoria sandwich cakes with raspberry jam and buttercream filling . I do have such wonderful friends .  Who cares about the rain .
I'm doing crochet round the edges of the baby blankets . They do look pretty .  I'd like to sew but my workspaces have been clear for a couple of weeks and because everywhere looks so tidy I'm loathe to get clutter out again . I have been hand sewing but not machining . Ah! well , the bug will bite again soon I'm sure .

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Barb Oaker said...

Your tulip does rather look like it's morphing into an iris!! My sewing area is neat for the moment but useless, as I am getting ready to have cabinets moved in and I have moved everything out in anticipation of this big event. Afterward there will be much organizing and prioritizing.

I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!! I would love a slice of Bluebell's cake!!! :)