Saturday 26 May 2012

It's that time of the year again

When the garden centres and plant nurserys are tempting us . I see the Chelsea show on t,v and sit as if in a daydream .  Then Bluebell leads me by the nose and I meakly follow or she says "I 'm going to Seine Lane" it's our cheapest garden centre for miles around , then I say I'm coming too .
Last year I said " thats it , no more plants but hey ho , we must have been half a dozen times already this last month . It has taken quite a while to fill my garden after having a new fence , A border had to be cleared , I think it is completed again .
I think this week  I have bought .24 red geraniums , perennial wallflower . a lilac bush ,pansies and violas, another hydrangea .4 tubs of mixed plants.I also bought a buddlia. Last year I disposed of one that every year grew like an oak tree , I think it must have been a wild self sown originaly. I'm hoping I can keep this one in check , It;s pink . I bought 2 more Lupins and 2 more Delphiniums and a tray of nicotiana .  To finish off the garden fund I bought a beautiful container .I really do quake in my shoes when I think how much my garden costs but it is an oasis to dream in .
The pump in my fish pond has given up. I did cost quite a bit when I bought it . Several people have said I didn't need the kind I had so this time I'm hoping for better advice . I do have concern in case my fish die because the water isn't being filtered. I hope to get it sorted soon .  Any suggestions welcome.

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