Wednesday 21 July 2010

Market Monday

On Mondays bluebell calls to see if I would like to go shopping for grocery . This week off we went as usual but called at other places too. Being as we were going to be out awhile we decided we would have lunch at one of the stops .
While sitting eating my lunch I said " this chair is really hurting my leg " close inspection, the chair was the same as the other chairs , "stop moaning "says bluebell .
When I got home and bluebell had left I thought , right I,ll inspect my leg , Well it was the back of the left thigh that was uncomfortable , Oh yes," stop moaning " she said , I found 3 big bites on my thigh .
The next morning when bluebell called I showed her my infliction ," Oh yes" says she "you have 4 bites !!! one more my leg might have fallen off . That bluebell has no compassion .
Yesterday I needed to buy milk , so I locked the conservatory door, all was o,k . When I returned about 15 mins, later there were flying ants all up the window , after shuddering and tackling them with rentokill . I went outside to breathe fresh air only to get coverered with greenfly . The weather was very humid . I felt like a walking picnic . I cannot stand mosquitos , spiders or flies of any kind .
The mouse that took to basking on my patio has now moved into the garage , bless it !
Lovely evening , I sit listening to folk music , beautiful .


Elizabethd said...

I dont like bite-y things, but they do seem to appear in Summer, especially ants.

Anonymous said...

You two girls are so funny. :-) But bites aren't!
You always have so much fun together!
PS: Just wanted you to know that the lovely pin keep you made for me hangs beside my sewing machine in my studio and I use it all the time!

Micki said...

The bites didn't sound like fun!

Maggi said...

Sounds like you might have had better days. I love your shirt quilt by the way - good memories to keep.