Tuesday 13 July 2010

In Anticipation

This is the design wall in my garage where I spend time planning and sorting through my fabric

I have started work on a quilt , It is now pinned together and ready for hand quilting . I will show the front when it is finished, hopefully the end of the month or just after .
I bought good shirts from a charity shop and added fat 1/4 s from my stash . The backing has a faded streak across the back , it was a reduced price but with worn and washed on the front I don,t mind about the fade mark .
I will call it my shabby chic quilt . In my eyes it is lovely, soft colours ,simple design . not out of a book . I have not made a quilt from traditional patterns for quite a while now . I have been using 4" squares to make my cottage quilts . This one is not squares . If you look closely at the photo you will see the faded line .
This afternoon I will watch a film with my work on my knees and start quilting . I have drawn round a dinner plate for my stencil . Everything on the cheap but the wadding is the best quality.


Jane said...

I'm sure it will be lovely when you've completed it but I'm interested to know what you do with quilts when you've finished them - do you fold them up and pack them away, save them to give as gifts, donate them to good causes, what?

cottonreel said...

I have sent quilts to people who are collecting for some tragedy or like . There are lots of quilts in bags in my garage loft .--cottonreel

Unknown said...

I have a charity shop that sells mens' shirts for one pound each, i must buy some and have a go at a quilt xxxx

Teresa said...

thank you for visiting my blog and sorry I just now found that you did. I need to set my notifications to let me know when someone posts a comment. My husband has been quite ill (had surgery in May, June, and then major surgery yesterday) so haven't been keeping up quite like I should.

I love seeing quilts. I have no idea how to sew or quilt. LOL! If I can't glue it, tape it, or staple it - I can't do it.

Scrappy quilter said...

heh there friend. Because of you I've been purchasing men's cotton shirts. I have 2 quilt tops done and I'm now looking for yellow cotton shirts. I did manage to find one. Just got back from a month's holidays. We had a blast. Hugs