Thursday 15 July 2010


A very busy day yesterday, cutting 3 bushes down in the garden , (roots still there, that will be an ongoing job) shopping , wrapping stuff for the freezer , washing etc,.

Ahh, Ill relax , do a bit of blogging . just into my stride , starts to rain . run out there to get the washing in. I get soaked , the rain came so fast . Never mind , I,ll change my clothes and make a cuppa tea .

Make the tea , Mmmm I,ll sit in the conservatory to drink it , Whoooops I tripped . Tea everywhere , muttered and mumbled, surveyed the damage as you can see on the next photo ,changed my clothes again . put the settee stuff and cushion covers in the washing machine .

Whats the fuss , today all is back to normal It could have been worse , I put a white fleece over the settee so I can sit down straight from the garden . The tea went through that right to the seating. Ikea stuff , don,t knock it . the covers didn,t shrink and looked fine as you can see in the first picture

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