Wednesday 14 July 2010

Shirt quilts

I seem to have aroused interest saying at present I,m making quilts with shirts from charity shops
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There are always a lot of bits left over after cutting out the big pieces .The smaller bits I make hexagons and keep in a plastic bag, sew up when I have enough to make a flower , save the flower in a bigger plastic bag .This is hand stitched hand stitched , hand quilted
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This quilt is initially 2" strips with a 2"sq square placed on one end and machined across diagonally to make a sort of fence post . This is not made from shirts but could quite easily be so . It is folded across the back of a chair in my sitting room. Hand quilted
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This quilt with the blue is what I call my cottage quilt range . 4" squares machine pieced .machine quilted.This one is made up into blocks 3 x 5 ,easier for machine quilting and then joined in rows, real cottage looking, Browse further

This quilt is shirts, these were my late husbands shirts. These were made into 12" blocks , machine pieced , hand quilted .
It took me 5 years before I could cut these shirts this year . Up till then I was still periodically washing and ironing them . I knew I would make them into a quilt one day . I still could not cut all his shirts , His evening shirts , bow ties and braces still hang in my wardrobe
So ladies ,go to the charity shops , buy the shirts, cut your squares or strips , save the bits for your hexagons. Tomorrow I will post a picture to show how the current shirt quilt is going , Its different to these , I love it .
Now having just got wet through running to get my washing in I,ll change my clothes and have a cup of tea .
A very big welcome home to SCRAPPY QUILTER,


Karen said...

I looked at shirts a couple times in thrift stores with the idea of using the fabric for a quilt. I was only looking at men's shirts. Mostly plaids are what I found in 100% cotton. I should have looked in the ladies blouses also.

Jane said...

These are lovely Kathleen. The flower quilt has so much work in it and the fence post one is so stylish. The shirt quilt I can tell has so much sentimental value for you and has a lot of charm, but my favourite of all is the cottage quilt because I just love the colours. The hand quilting must take you forever but it adds so much to the patchwork.

Angela said...

They are lovely - I am thinking very hard about doing a 2" strip quilt. But not progressed beyond 'thinking' stage! blessings xx

Diane said...

Wow wo9w and triple wow!!! your quilts are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

These are some really beautiful quilts and mostly handmade. Oh my, just love the hexagon quilt!!! Really sensational quilts!