Wednesday 28 July 2010

A site and a sight to see

Could you ,would you ?
I was blog browsing at the weekend and came across a site called dresses for Africa , It is in co,operation with Nancy's notions

All you need is a pillowcase that can be made into a sundress , it is the easiest garment you will ever make .

When you look at the site you will see a group of children wearing sundresses .They will melt your heart with their smiles .These children have so little , I think they would remember your genorosity all their lives .

We all remember and know how exciting a new dress is.

This project could even be hand sewn while sitting in the evening .

If you belong to a group perhaps all would participate, everyone has a spare pillowcase or a yard in their stash to spare , if every participating member put £1 with their dress it would help with the postage to the organisation that distributes the dresses

They also need short trousers for little boys , that is called britches for boys and a delightful little chap being helped into his .

Even if you feel you don,t want to be involved please take a look at the site . I think I read 40 plus countries have helped .

I,m showing a picture of pillowcases and of bluebell holding up two that we had made yesterday afternoon , we had a very happy afternoon making these dresses and now we have the hang of it we are making more. It,s just as much fun being creative on this project as it is quilting .


Jane said...

Those dresses look really pretty. I had a look at my pillowcases and they're all white. It's because I'm too mean to buy pillowcases to match my duvet covers :O(

cottonreel said...

If like the lovely witty Jane you only have white pillowcases add coloured binding for the shoulder straps or a bit of lace somewhere or applique a big daisy on the front , you cancut a flower from a piece of flowerered fabric ,the combinations are endless

We are using 50p pillowcases from dunelm

We had a hilariuos afternoon thinking up the quaint names some of these children have , couldn,t see to sew sometimes but we did have fun--cottonreel