Friday 9 July 2010


Thankyou all for the comments on crochet . There is no mystery about crochet , it is one of the simplest crafts to do . people find the most difficult part holding the yarn . It really is just a series of chains. Forget patterns , you are not going to be making doilies or lace tablecloths when you start .

My samples have been worked round a piece of fabric with the sides hemmed . Then a row of blanket st,. as a foundation for the crochet

Tie your crochet cotton into a blanket st loop to secure it

Into each loop work 1 treble st and 3 treble sts at the end and beginning of each row all around each side .

Now I can hear everyone saying how do you do a chain, and what is a treble !!

On your Google bar put in crotchet tuition , there are many sites with ladies showing how to crochet ,they do it really slowly , it will always be with wool that they are showing but the sts are the same whether you use cotton or wool or string

chain - practice tying a loop on you hook and just keep doing a long chain
double crochet which is basically 2 chains then going into the next stitch and doing 2 more chains , continue along your row of blanket sts,
treble which is 3 chains,
double treble which is 4 chains ---it is simply wrapping the yarn 1, 2, or 3 times to lengthen
the chain ----------------------------------------------------------
These ladies show you how to make shell edgings . No mystery , much easier than patchwork .

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