Friday 2 July 2010


America is approaching Independance day.

I,m a collector of blue and white so I thought I would show you two of my little treasures . A milk jug and sugar bowl . They feature Betsy Ross on the sugar bowl and Paul Revere on the jug .

The pictures have great meaning .

The dashing Paul on his horse

I love these two treasures they lived in Cyprus with me and came back to England with me .


Micki said...

What treasures they are! I enjoyed seeing the pics!

Jane said...

Who on earth was Betsy Ross?

cottonreel said...

Just put Betsy Ross on you google bar and the same with Paul Revere ---cottonreel

Beedeebabee said...

Sweet Kathleen! I know, it's been I while since I visited here too, way too long I must say...and I see you've been quite busy yourself! I love your bloggy new look, that banner is adorable! Your blue and white china is lovely as well. I collect red and white myself, and pink and white too! Have a great weekend! xo Paulette