Saturday 25 July 2009

So Much Happiness

Scrappy Quilter sent me this award ,I have to pass it on to 8 others. If it hadn,t already come from Carol she would have been top of my list . She inspires me to think of others before myself .I would like to ask other bloggers to visit the blog of Scrappy quilter ,her life is all consuming with the needs of others .
Right now I have to do my Saturday stint of collecting the newspaper for myself and my neighbour. I shall publish my awards later.

The begonia is the most vibrant orange, It has excelled itself. Just imagine , this greets me each time I come to my home from the road . I go away for a month starting next weekend . I,m going to fret about my flowers and plants, and also my latest aquisition of the goldfish in the pond. I feed them each morning approx 9 am, they make me smile with their big mouths, gobble, gobble .


cottonreel said...

I must have pinged twice but never mind ,it relly is worth a second look--cottonreel

Scrappy quilter said...

Beautiful boginia.... And what sweet words. Thank you friend, you're the best!!

Michela said...

Hi Cottonreel!
Thank for your kind comment on my blog and for following!
Please, feel free to pick up all the flowers you desire!

You will find dahlias on this post :

I've never seen an orange double begonia, it's just amazing!
Have a lovely holiday in Cyprus!

Michela said...

P.S. Congratulations on your award! :-)))