Sunday 5 July 2009

The other Pictures

There are lilies, I love lilies but this year I have almost vowed never to grow them again, lily beetles caused me so much trouble, On Friday I had to cut and dispose of lily flowers that hadn,t even had chance to open . They had been stripped of leaves over night and, the buds almost eaten away They were so infested I put on rubber gloves, I could not bear to pick the little wretches off

The other flowers are two rose bushes I bought this week . David Austin roses, The pink one is Chapeau de Napoleon . When in bud it has three fluffy green sepals that I presume are like Napoleons hat, the actual flower is heavily scented and,so beautiful .

The yellow one is Golden celebration, it also is heavily scented, I planted them today . I just about have space for one more climber. I,m looking for Pierre de Ronsard . Elizabethd recommended . I have been looking all summer to no avail . I will not give up .


Elizabethd said...

I'm not sure that you can get Pierre de Ronsard in England , I've only seen it in France. Try David Austin for advice, maybe.

Scrappy quilter said...

My favorite flowers are roses. These two look so pretty. I have lilies here too. I did have day lilies, however gave them to friends when they moved here from B.C. I prefer to have a garden of roses than any other flower. My favorite annuals are Zinnias. Friend, your garden must be stunning!!

Piece by Piece said...

Hi; Thanks for visiting my blog, I have signed you in as a follower so that you can see more of my work. My day lilies are just starting to bloom, have had no problems with the beetles that are causing you so much grief. I love roses too, my Shaster Daisies are in their full glory at the present time. Look forward to looking at your blog again. Patricia

Beena said...

Here is a link I thought you might be interested in, that lists some nurseries that carry the rose you are looking for:

Hope that helps!

Beena said...

Here is a better link than that other one I just gave you:

Beena said...

Hmmmm....these links I gave you all seem to look promising, but when I inspect them closely, I still can't find your rose for sale at any of them! It's frustrating!
Keep looking! There sure are a lot of gorgeous climbers out there, though!